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RH3 UN-Naughty Way Weekend Extravaganza! 2022

10/22 10:00 AM

A RH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $69*

We intend to make this weekend one hell of a Naughty Way Bonanza! Actual event location will be emailed to paid regos on Oct. 8.

Priority rego date: Oct. 8. Oct. 8 is the cutoff for your name to be on your gimmies.


Welcum to the Richmond Hash House Harriers UN-Naughty Way Weekend. This is to be a fun-filled weekend featuring multiple titillating events at a pristine location in Chesterfield.

This is a Saturday-Sunday event. No hash events are scheduled for Friday night; please do not cum to the campsite on Friday.

A few things to note:
- No pets
- Respect the property
- Bring supplies for a Shooting Star shot check if you'd like to provide one
- Don't forget: Love and world peace


RH3’s 3 Rules of Hashing:
1. There are no rules in hashing, only traditions, guidelines, and suggestions.
2. NO is ALWAYS an option. That means if someone tells you no, you MUST respect their wishes. And this is not a rule of hashing but a rule of being an adult.
3. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s the Golden Rule and it applies to everyone, everywhere, every time.


Tent, sleeping bag/bedding, Shooting Star shot check (if you like), warming layers, Epipens, love

Start Location Details

Richmond location details to be provided to regoed hashers.

North Chesterfield, VA, 23225

Schedule of Events

10am: Rego opens! There will be breakfast snacks available.
11am: Hab Bazaar, patch challenges, various hashy games, hammerschlagen, 3 man, arts n crafts, etc.
3:30pm: Adult Field Day games BEGIN!
9pm: Overtime games
Midnight: A Shooting Star Trail with No Pants

Trail at 1pm to celebrate United Nations Day
Available to non-regoed hashers at a price of $10 - if you're cumming, please RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/richmond-hash-house-harriers/events/282103036/! Separate additional giveaways included.

11am: Hash games/hab bazaar
1pm: TRAIL TIME! World Peace through Beer to celebrate United Nations Day!! Expect delicious craft beer!!
4pm: MAY THE HASH GO IN PEACE. Light road snacks available.

Public Event

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34 Hashers cumming


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Ruby Floozie


I Cum in the Land Down Under

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Tesla Twat

Ft Eustis

Whoah Black Titty Bam a Mam


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Richmond H3

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Richmond H3


(RH3 )

The Vomiteen Rabbit

Richmond H3

Two Girls, One Nerd

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Princess Won't Laya

Richmond Underground H3


Richmond H3

Pound It, Nail It, Disappoint It

(Richmond H3)

Pen Island


Once Twice Five Times a Lady

(RH3 )

Period Control to Major Dom


Wiffle suck for food


Didn't Cum Black

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My Little Moany

Richmond H3
Beware of giggles

I am 17 Fisting on 15

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers
1 fist…2 fist…red fist...

Tuck and Roll



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Cokeadoodle Do Me

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Slip and Swallow


Mutt Mutt In The Butt


I’ll pull them out of you


Now Fuckin’ Named!