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RH3 Medley of Mud #3 Campout+MoM3 2017

08/11 06:00 PM

A RH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $35


Choo Choo Cabra


WHO: Richmond H3 Campout and Medley of Mud 3!!
This Rego is for BOTH RH3 Campout and MoM. If you are CAMPING then Rego for this event. If your are NOT camping then Rego for the other Trail ONLY Event posted. Bring Your Own Food. Again BYOF!!

WHAT: Something lurks. Croaking noises encroach on your air. A shadow races by, hungrily. You hasten your pace to escape your own fears. A hidden log thwarts your escape. Your fall plants you in a pool of putrid sludge. Your heart wages war with your sternum. Get up, you fool. You cry out again: "Are you??" But no one hears you, save the coppermouths and the milkweeds. A sea of sawgrass gallops towards you and devours you, gnashing at every inch of exposed flesh. The swamp swallows the sound of your screaming. The earth beneath you gives way to mire and engulfs your mortal frame. But you haven't the energy left to swim.
And no direction known. You give up. You did not survive...
This is our 3rd and last MoM for the summer so don't miss out on this one!!
Shiggy: 5 out of 5 my friends (and then some..)
Length: ~3-5 miles
PLENTY OF BOOZE! (Drive responsibly, guys. Carpool is even better. )
REGO NOW AND REGO OFTEN!! Come see what shiggy is all about! JUST DON'T DIE!!!
See: Hashrego.com for you spot on the ferry to swamp hell.

WHEN: 11 Aug 17– 13 Aug 17

WHERE: The camp site is on private property and generally muggle free. The address will be sent out in a separate email a week prior to the event. For planning purposes it is within 3 miles of this location: 37.081744, -77.358210 Petersburg, Va 23805
-Camping will be a little tight so be prepared to cuddle with your neighbor! Or you can go in the woods, Just stay within the taped off areas. We will make announcements too!!

You will receive a button, toe tag, and whatever other Hab that we need to dump, as well as:
- Early cummers Nekkid trail Friday evening hosted by TMFM H3
- Medley of Mud!! Hosted by RH3
- Saturday night Shot trail hosted by someone sober enough
- Sunday hangover trail hosted by BIB H3
- 1 cook-out on Saturday following MoM 3. Dogs, burgers, vegan, corn
- Beer, beer, and more beer
- Porta Potties
- Some poor form of electricity
- A shower supplied by a older gentleman with a handlebar mustache and a pressure washer (for realz)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Since we are camping and there will be alot of drunkies, be aware of the following:
-RH3 is a DRUG FREE KENNEL, just know what that means!
- Nakedness and flirty behavior does not equal consent. Know who your friends are and what they are comfortable with. If you don't know someone, best to keep your hands to yourself until they WANT to know you too. RH3 is a safe place and we are really nice too so don't give MisMan a reason to boot your ass outta the campout.
- When camping or socializing stay within the tapped off zone, we will be close to a bordering property and don't want to have them to call the popo on us.

BYOF so bring stuff to eat and stuff to eat with, Camping stuff, BYOF (again), a vessel, some extra clothes, virgins, a towel, virgins for your virgin, a chair, aspirin, a whistle, personal patches, ointment, bug spray, sun screen, condoms, and a thirst for fun.

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37.081744, -77.358210

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