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RH3 Medley of Mud #3 2022

08/06 01:00 PM

A RH3 Trail

Cost: $10


I-Feel Tower, Biff! Pow! Slap! Slap! Slap!, and The Vomiteen Rabbit


Register now for Medley #3! This is the 3rd extra shiggy trail in the Medley of Mud series for 2022. The Medley was formed 19 years ago to explore Richmond’s swamps and your worst shiggy nightmares. As Rambo called it: “shiggy to tell your grandchildren about.”

Your hares will be I-Feel Tower, Biff Pow Slap Slap Slap, and The Vomiteen Rabbit!

August 6, 2022. Meet at noon. Hares away at 1:00 PM

11272 Patterson Avenue. It’s the Food Lion lot, so use your vessel, etc.

What everybody will get:
Incredible trail! If you survive this Medley (or #1 or #2), you’ll be awarded this year’s patch drawn by I-Feel Tower, Founder of the MOM. (See photo.)

What Carolina Trash Hashers will get:
Two patches made especially for Trashers. I made the black one from a very old T shirt that I gave to Fahr. (Photos available on RH3’s Facebook and Meetup.)

Bug spray, whistle, vessel, dry bag, and a change of clothes. Do not bring children or dogs. Cats are fine.

Shiggy level:
5 …because 6 and above is ILLEGAL

On-After: Rare Olde Times!

Fine print:
Please drink responsibly.
Richmond Hash House Harriers is not responsible for your death or injury.
Bring a life vest or stay off this trail if you have any doubts about your swimming prowess.
Whistle 5 times in the event of an emergency and we will come to your aid.

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Wanna Fuck About It?!




Daddy's Pearl Necklace

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