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RH3 Medley of Mud #3

08/11 01:00 PM

A RH3 Trail

Cost: $10




It's Medley season!!!

What's a Medley you ask? I'm glad you asked because I was going to write something about it anyways, so now I know somebody will read it.

Ahem: A Medley of Mud is a trail generally held in the Richmond, VA area (though they have been known to go walk-about at times) that is shiggy of the shiggy. The messiest of the messy. The muddiest of the muddy. The wettest of the wet. The scratch yourself up on sawgrass until you need a blood transfusion of a.... The rotting corpse of a hasher lying in a god-forsaken swamp of a..... Wait, never mind on that last one. Never happened.

Moving on.

Each June, July and August, RH3 finds some poor crazy wank to go out into the worst swamps that RVA has to offer and find the worst parts of those swamps to spend time in. THEN, we find even crazier wanks to FOLLOW THEM out into those swamps. It is amazing what people will go through when you tell them "Beer's thatta way!" Sucking mud (and not the good sucking), sawgrass up to your eyes, swimming upstream through underwater logs that never decompose (yes Biff, they are still out there), wearing dresses that drag you to the bottom of Davy Jones' locker (looking at you Meat), belly crawling through unnameable muck, or going through whatever that green stuff was from 2 years ago. -shudder-

So cum join us for our glorious shit shows this season. Curse the hares. Curse your own bad decisions. We promise unlimited beer, godlike snacks and the company of crazy people like yourself. We'll carry you (probably not), drag you (more likely) and lead you (who's in charge of this mess?!) through some of the best memories you'll maybe remember.

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19 Hashers came:

2 Fast 2 Anal

Bender Hash House Harriers

Ankles for Earrings

Richmond H3

Ass Juices

Richmond H3
F*ck Eric!


Richmond H3

BushWacker FudgePacker

Bad Decisions H3
Can't drink all day if...

Fuck the Tears Away

Richmond H3

I-Feel Tower

Richmond H3
Growing up is a part o...

Moonshine Motorboater

Charlie's Angels Hash House Harriers


Richmond H3

Rosie Rivets Herself

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers
Stay weird.


Tidewater H3
Where's Cameron?

Strawberry Shortcock

Nomadic hashers
I came here to run tra...

Trashy Transvestite

Greensboro Hash House Harriers

Biff! Pow! Slap! Slap! Slap!


Boots & Pants


BushWacker FudgePacker*

(Bad Decisions H3)

Cokeadoodle Do Me




Top Shelf Tuna