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RH3 aaRRRH3 Pirate Cookout

04/16 01:00 PM

A RH3 Trail

Cost: $10


Commandant Taintmen, Captain PiNiDi, & other (possible) pirate crew


Avast Ye and listen here! The Richmond AaarRH3 Pirates are returning to Rockwood for a land loving good time. Old seadogs and new hearties all be invited to wonder through the woods in search of hidden gems, buried treasure and a fabled mermaid! Don’t be a lily-livered bilge sucker, savvy?

Trail will be costume friendly and offer challenges for those swashbucklers and pirates among the group. Challenges can be easily skipped. Beer will be provided by RH3 for opening and closing circles. Trail will consist of the famous cannonballs filled with various rum concoctions; the bottles will be labeled with ingredients for those with allergies. On-after will be a cookout at Rockwood. Chips, Hamburgers, hotdogs and all the fixings will be provided. We will have a grill on site for vegetarian / vegan attendees but will not be providing options for those with dietary restrictions.


Location Details

Rockwood Park Shelter 3

3401 Courthouse Rd, Richmond, VA 23236

On site Cookout!

Public Event

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