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This event will cap at 100 PAID Regos. Regos are not guaranteed until paid.


Rehab and RDR in Puerto Vallarta 2021

02/18 03:00 PM

A Hash Weekend

Cost: $200*


Due to COVID 19 we are making some adjustments. New plans will be added as we make them.
Vallarta is opening back up, time will tell regarding what happens. We should know more in the next month.
For now, all venues have been changed to outdoor locations.

We are limiting regos to 100 hashers

Due to the success of this year's event, we have garnered a LOT of attention from Hashes worldwide, so register quickly before we are sold out!

Reg info and deadlines
$100.00 now until August 31st
$125.00 from September 1 - November 30th
$150.00 from December 1 - Feb 1st

Hotel not included in rego fee

No non-hashers this year due to the limited number of regos available

Here is what you get - there will be a B Van for Friday and Saturday trails

This event will be FOUR days long, with a hangover trail on Monday

Friday Feb 19th - Red Dress Run - we will have a contest for best and worst RDR outfits

Saturday Feb 20th - Awesome trail with Turkey/Eagle split and 2-3 beerchecks

Sunday Feb 21st - Awesome trail with 2-3 beerchecks

Monday Feb 22nd - Hangover trail/hike

There will be additional hikes/excursions after the event that we will be posting. Some will have a fee (tour or transportation) and some won't

Here's what your rego fee includes -

All transportation from Friday - Monday




Meals on Fri, Sat and Sunday On Ins

Snacks on Monday hangover trail

Music to dance to at On In - location has changed, music will depend on permits

Skits! - bring your best!

Some surprise fun

Your rego will count once your payment has been received.

Rego transfers will be accepted as long as you inform us ahead of time

Register with -

Mortal Name

Hash Name

Hash Kennel

Hash Hotel "Hash Central"

Hotel Marsol - 103 Francisca Rodríguez, hotelmarsol.net. Rooms are around $32/night for a single and around $37/night for 2 people. This hotel is right on the beach, next to Los Muertos pier, the location is perfect. The rooms are very inexpensive and BASIC. This is an old, but clean hotel with everything you need. Other hotel options if you prefer something a little further up on the scale
Hotel San Marino - right next to Marsol
Hotel Playa Los Arcos, also right on the beach
We will post other options in a few weeks.

Red Dress Run on Friday night

Bug spray, 2 pair of shoes, outfit for RDR, sense of humor

Start Location Details

Hotel Marsol

Puerto Vallarta

Schedule of Events

We will start at Hash Central and run through town in our Red Dresses, maximum exposure is the secret!
We will have 2-3 alcohol checks
On In - there will be food, beer, wine, water, soda, live music (maybe) for your dancing pleasure
Red Dress Contest - best outfit and worst outfit - to be decided hash shit style

Meet at Hash Central and be whisked away by bus to the run starts, there will be separate busses for turkey and eagle trails
no less than 3 beer checks on trail
On In promises an amazing venue
Some fun surprises
SKITS!! Grab your amigos/as and put together a skit for us all! Just let us know you want to do one so we can make sure we have everyone on our list

Meet at Hash Central, be whisked away to start of run, turkeys and eagle will be on the same trail
Expect 2-3 beer check
On In will be on the beach with food and beer

Meet at Hash Central - trail TBD

Public Event

See the full list!

63 Hashers cumming



San Diego Hash House Harriers

Accidental Discharge


Dead Dog Walking


Maui Waui






Every Sperm is Sacred


Jackie O'Snatches

Puerto Vallarta Hash House Harriers



Penis Machinist

(NCH3 )

Cactus Interruptis

(Mission Harriettes)


(NCH3 )

German Dungeon Porn

Hash House Harriers Space Coast

Electile Dysfunction






Eskimo Pie



California Larrikins

Just Sue


Stop the Buz


32 Ring circus

(NCH3 )

Ass Writer



North County Hash House Harriers

Car Sex Instigator (CSI)


No name! Every sperm is Sacred sponsored


Fast and Bicurious

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

Kissy Face


Village Tool




Cums with Grandma


Pith Me


Lifeless Tongue

Charlotte Hash House Harriers

slow poke


La Bufadora


My Little Pony Keg


Restricted Entry


Asian Orange


Comes Overnight


Goes Down Screaming


ginger snatch


A prick in the hand is better than 2 in the bush


EZ Out


Stiff joint


Fresh N Sleazy


Tiki Tits


I Like To Swallow

(Tijuana H3)

Panties In My Pocket (PIMP)


Putter P-Diddy


Cunt Swabula

(Isla Mujeres Mas ...)

Pigeon Shit


Cyber Slut

(La Jolla)


North County Hash House Harriers

Fornication at Elevation


Baby's Too Tight




Cougar Bait


Finger In Your Rear


That'd Be In the Butt Bob






Africian Queen (Queenie)

(La Jolla Hash)

Jack Schirt

(La Jolla)