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RCH3-OH 10th Annual Pirate Hash 2022

09/17 01:30 PM

A RCH3-OH Other Event

Cost: $40*


Not the Savior and Assflakes


A Cabrewing/Camp Hash event hosted by RCH3-OH.

This is our annual Pirate Hash - Dress like a Pirate or Wench or we'll plunder yer booty! You'll canoe 6 miles down the mighty Tuscarawas River while drinking the finest grog we could get on the cheap.

$40 will get you: seat in canoe / beer / pizza at On After. Camping space if you want to stay over night.

Additional information will be sent about a week prior. See MeetUp for this event or please reach out if you have any questions.

Pirate Hash

What to bring besides a sense of humor and adventure: * A small treasure chest(cooler) to keep your grog chilled while at sea(or on the river). Beverages will be provided. If you don't bring your own treasure chest you will get a cheap plastic bag with some ice and Godspeed if you take an unintentional dip in the water. * A chair to sit on/in at the On After. * Virgins! * A dry bag (change of clothes, socks, shoes) as you never know if your canoe will be boarded. Argh! * A headlamp or flashlight as it gets dark quickly this time of year. * Tent or hammock or large cardboard box and anything else you may need if camping overnight. * A friend or two for some extra companionship

Location Details

Towpath Cabin

4462 Erie Ave NW, Massillon, OH 44647

Camp area at River take out.

Schedule of Events

10:30 AM Camp open for set up
1:30 PM Pre-Lube at Towpath Cabin and Check-In
2:30 PM Vans depart to Canoe Livery
2:45 PM Chalk Talk at Canoe Livery
3:00 PM To The High Seas!
6:30 PM Pizza
7:00 PM Circle

Public Event

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