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RASH 2nd analversary/WPTB 2018

10/27 12:00 PM

A RASH Hash Campout

Cost: $35

This year, we are turning our traditional Murder Motel keys for a good ol' fashioned camp fire.

So, Get your campin' gear and liver ready to celebrate the 2nd Analversary of the RASH.
But wait... There's more!
Saturday 27 Oct is WORLD PEACE THRU BEER day. As is RASH tradition, please bring a 6 pk to share preferably from a different country (we will have kegs for later).

Location: Ramer Alabama (coordinates up soon)

When: 27 October - 28 October (times will be up soon)

Cost: $35

What you'll get: Trail(s), Gimmes, Dinner, Breakfast, Beer, and more!

What you'll need to bring: Camping stuff, snacks, head lamp, 6pk of beer from another country if possible

What you CAN'T bring: kids, dogs, guns, illegal shit, or drama
The land we will be on belongs to a great guy, No Name Nate, who hashes when he can - most y'all know the drill, for those that don't, the moral of the story is respect him and his property :)

Deadline: Rego no later than 6 October if you want Gimmes. 13 October you ya don't.

REGO is CAPPED AT 30 people.

Paypal: ladybugbw@yahoo.com
Please include your muggle name, hash name, t-shirt size, and kennel

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