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Pittsburgh Analversary Weekend 2018

06/01 02:00 PM to 06/03 02:00 PM

A Hash Weekend

Cost: $100*

Cum to Hashdance: Hash to the Future!

Hashing turns 80 this year so we're traveling back in time to the 1980s! Climb into Pittsburgh's gigantic DeLorean and join us for a weekend of big hair, leg warmers, short shorts, and 80s-themed debauchery.

Rego includes: Friday & Saturday trails, bottomless beer, 5 delicious meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner, and Sunday breakfast), Friday Night Beer Exchange, Hasher Olympics, Saturday night 80s costume contest and Dirty Dancing party, a live Hasher band, skits, haberdashery, endless dress-up possibilities, buses to/from trail locations, as well as a very nice place to pitch your tent! The campground is entirely private, a short drive outside of the city, and there are hotels nearby if you’d rather sleep indoors.

Registration Info:
Early Hare Special: $80 ends on 3/19
Regular Rate: $90 until 5/1
Late Rabbit Rate: $100 after 5/1

Camping stuff, beer for the Craft Beer Exchange, wine for the wine share, your best/worst 80s attire

Start Location Details

Frazer Fire Hall (private campground)

111 Frazer Number 2 Ln, Tarentum, PA 15084

Schedule of Events

2:00 PM Kegs Tapped
4:00PM – 6:00PM Registration (top of hill above pavilion)
4:00 PM Noah’s Wine Circle (lower campground)
6:00 – 8:30PM Darkside Trail (meet at pavillion)
8:30 PM Dinner (pavilion)
9:00 PM Beer Snob Club (Craft beer share, gazebo behind the pavilion)
(What is the craft beer share? Find out more here.)
10:00 PM Your Favorite Mixtape Dance Party (pavilion)

7:30 AM - 9:30 AM              Breakfast
8:00AM - 10:00AM              Registration
9:00 AM- 10:30 AM             Habby Store
10:15:00 AM - 10:30 PM    Trail Chalk Talk (meet at school buses)
10:30:00 AM - 2:00 PM     DJ and Ear's Excellent Hashventure Trail
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM            Lunch at camp
3:00PM - 4:30PM              Tn@ Purple Rain Shower Consierge Service
5:00 PM                  Beer Mile Obstacle Course
5:30 PM                  Hashdance Olympics
6:30 PM                  Dinner and Hash Band
8:00 PM                 Circle and New Mismanagment
9:00 PM                  80s Fashion Show Costume Contest
9:30 PM                  Flicker is Bringing Skits Back Skits
10:00 PM              Dirty Dancing Dance Party
12:00 AM               Gremlins Midnight Snack
12:00 AM            Knight Rider Naked Hash

7:30AM - 9:30 AM      Breakfast
10:30 AM                    The Breakfast Club Fatboy Trail
12:00 PM                    Clean up and Go Home!

Public Event

131 Hashers came:


Cleveland Hash House Harriers and Harriettes


Titties N'@ Hash House Harriettes

Bloody Poussière

Je saigne car je vis.

Circle Jerkinator

Nittany Valley

Double Stuffed

Pittsburgh Inebriated Thirsty Thursday H3

Free 2 Lay

Susquehanna Pussies on Trail

He who cunt be named

MountainBeers Hash House Harriers

Lips of steel

Pittsburgh Inebriated Thirsty Thursday H3

LiqHer Hard

MountainBeers Hash House Harriers

Lost in the Bush

Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers

Major Pecker

Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers


Let's get weird

Mayan Ass Bleeds

Flour City Hash House Harriers


Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers

Pack My Fanny

Pittsburgh Hash House Harriers

Sir Vix

Don't Bro me if you do...

Steph Infection

Queen of PGH HashRego

Sticky Dicky

Flour City Hash House Harriers

The Great Gashby

Ithaca Hash House Harriers



Walkie Talkie


Wants It Bad

Rogue North Hash House Harriers
“It” all depends...


Ron Swanson - A charac...



All That and a Bag of Dicks


Asshole By Semen


Back Door Deposit


Bad Semen


Brown & Runny

(Columbus C2H5OH)



butt wipe


Can't Find Tail




Cox Stroker


Cream of Mushroom


Crotch Watcher

(Kitten H3)

Cuffed & Battered


Cums in Colors


Dazed and Cunt-Bruised




Dolly Fartin'


Ear of the Sperm


Easy to Please

(Houston Hash Hous...)

Egg Fucker


ET Bone Home


Finger Food








Free Candy


Gay Horse Dancer


Hand Job




Horn of Plenty


I. C. Haut Twat


Int'l House Of Poo

(Pittsburgh Inebri...)


(Kitten H3)

John Handycock


Just Ben (Finger Food's Kitchen Help)


Just David


Just Jeff


Just Mel


Just Paul


Just Sonia




Kunt Spell Jill

(Eerie H3)

LB Hole


Lick Stick


Luva Lamp

(Boston H3)

Marco Homo



(Pittsburgh H3)

Mount Me in the Mud


Mr. Buns


Muff Warmer


NFHN Kayla


Ogre Under


Oodles of Dudes' Noodles




Pippi Schlongstocking

(Nittany Valley HHH)

Plea Barkin'


Pool Tool


Porn Again Christian


Potty Guard (Party Gourd)


Purple Princess

(Yinzburgh H3)



Schlabotnik the Russian Sausagemullet


Scrum Guzzler


serving seamen


Sex and Ate

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Shart Appreciation






Spinning Midget

(Pgh H3)

Strawberry Short Tits


Sultan of Skin


Swedish Eagle

(Boston Ballbuster H4)



Takes It In The Assberger


THE 2nd Cumming

(Boston H3)

Third Man IN


Tight Embouchure


Tittsburgh Orgynizer

(PGHH3 / CH3)



Triple Dipple


Whale's Vagina



(Space Unicorn H3)