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PhoenixH3 Beaver's Backdoors Adventure 2023

09/22 05:00 PM to 09/24 10:00 AM

A PhoenixH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $22


Save a Tree, Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver, Great Backdoors

Yes we're doing this again, to celebrate the glorious month of Cocktember!

Put on your best/worst Rainbow Dress (whatever that means to you) and cum get dirty with us! We will be frolicking through the enchanting plains of beautiful Seven Springs, slipping and sliding through sand and rocks, and bursting through fields of shiggy! Afterwards, join us for stupid human games, and compete for dumb prizes! We will also have a participation gimme for all who rego. Amenities will include: whatever camping setup you have, a campfire (pending fire restrictions -- bring weenies or mallows and roasting sticks!), a stream (might be dry), and lots and lots of trees*!

Hares: Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver, & The Great Backdoors

Location: Cave Creek Group Campground

Hash Cash: $22
There will be NO refunds, however transfers are okay! Contact Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver/Lizzard T Seidl to update transfers.

Payments: send your $22 to @juliachaos on VENMO. Please include your hash name.

Regos are capped at 35 paid regos! (Plus RA/Foodmeisters, etc.)

What will be provided: Beers, seltzers, wines, foods of various shapes and sizes. Saturday lunch & dinner only; no breakfasts this year.

Dog Friendly: TBD

*only if no Beavers have been eaten.. save the trees!

Rainbow Dress (whatever that means to you!)

Camping supplies! This is a campout. Go green and bring your own utensils and plates; we will provide for anyone who forgot, but it's best to have your own! Headlamp! Low expectations! A change of clothes or 6.9!

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Seven Springs Group Campground


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Tastes Like College


Mount N' Climb Her


Suck My Sack

(LBH3 )

Just Jayson


Public Display of Erection

(LBH3 )

Erectional Officer


Duckie Style

(Phoenix Hump D’ Hash)

Just Matt


Udder Fuck Up


Phish Fry

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Alllrighty Men


Great Backdoors

Lost Boobs Hash House Harriers

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Anal Beaching


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Choir cock


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I'll Pack Her

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Catcher in the eye


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Donkey dildo delight


Reverse Australian Shepherd

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Thousand Cock Stare




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