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Philly Green Dress Weekend 2018

03/16 07:00 PM to 03/18 05:00 PM

A Hash Weekend

Cost: $69*


Rear Engineer, Broken Rod, Rubber Ripper, Oh My!


You know the drill...It's a weekend. It's a run. In a dress. A green dress. With beer (preferably not green).

Join us for Philly’s annual Green Dress Run at the hottest club in Philadelphia! Once you go Woody's, you keep going back! This is one festive dress run that you won’t want to miss.

This year we are benefiting a bone marrow donation charity, Delete Blood Cancer. Did you know an American is diagnosed with blood cancer every 3 minutes? Seventy percent of those can’t find a suitable donor in their family, and 6 out of 10 patients NEVER find a donor.

Net proceeds from the event will benefit Delete Blood Cancer, as well as any optional donation you pick during registration. Donor registry kits will also be available at check in for heroic Hashers wishing to save lives. (A special gift will be provided to all hashers signing up for the registry.) If you have any questions about the registry or donation process, please reach out and Donald Dick (a bone marrow donor in 2015) will answer any and all questions!.

Your rego includes:
• Untold hours of Fab-U-less, drunken debauchery which will provide the most memorable, shitty trail you will ever go on (on).
• Post trail open bar for hours! (including beer, wine, cider, and liquor)
• Food to slow the liquor intake
• The typical crap that comes along with a rego…a gimmie*, toe tag, a hangover
• One of the area’s premier house DJ’s with a dance floor and lighting effects
• Complimentary admission to one of the best clubs in Philly for an epic On-After!
• Conveniently located within stumbling distance to the hash hotel

*2018 gimmie only guaranteed for regos paid by March 1st!

Regos start at $69, then increase (after 20) to $79, then again increase (after 40) to $89. Walk ups will be $100.

Green Dress - wear one

Location Details

Woody's / Globar

Corner of Walnut and 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Voyeur Night Club (It’s INCLUDED)

1221 St James St, Philadelphia PA

Holiday Inn Midtown Philadelphia

Make a Reservation

We have a block of rooms and a guaranteed rate of
$149 per night + tax

Yes, this includes Thursday night!

Reference "Philly Green Dress Run" when booking, or try the above link.

1305 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

Schedule of Events

For you overachievers...
The Ben Franklin Mob will host their weekly trail @ Bonner's
120 S. 23rd Street, Philadelphia, PA

7:30 pm - Meet Up
8:00 pm - Pack Off

Hash Cash - $10

Philly Full Moon will host a pay as you go bar crawl along Philadelphia’s (in)famous South Street!

Trail Start: Cavanaugh's Headhouse
421 S. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA

7:30 pm - Meet Up
8:00 pm - Crawl Off

Hash Cash - Pay-as-you-go

The Main Event!

Globar / Woody's
Corner of Walnut and 13th Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Plan on starting early as the pack will be off early afternoon for an epic GDR you're sure to not forget (even if you try!)

Registration 2pm

Showtune Sunday Fatboy - BRING CASH

This weekend hosts one of the longest and most amazing Fatboy trails in the northern hemisphere! We’ll start with brunch and go until the last visitor is standing! (That’s a lie, the locals keep going!)

The goal? There’s an amazing piano bar in the gayborhood where, in the evening, a cute old lady will play requests and let you sing with her. Has the hash ever made it long enough on Sunday to make it here? Come and find out!

(Plan on keeping your hotel another night!)

We will start at Noon @ Cherry St Tavern
129 N. 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA

Public Event

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