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PFH3 18th Anal Green Jacket Campout 2019

04/12 12:00 PM to 04/14 03:00 PM

A PFH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $69

As the Masters kicks off in Augusta, we will have our own Master(bation) campout weekend. Campsite sites right on the Peninsula of Pointes West will keep you entertained with some friendly competition and prizes for those who win and maybe something special for dead last.

Kennels can build their own hole for others to put their balls in with the best one claiming a fabulous prize.

A king and queen shall be crowned.

Just like the pros at the Masters we will put some balls in holes for our own Masters Tournament.

As always, food and libations are covered with some fabulous gimmies as well.

So put your dancing shoes on, give us your best holes and we'll feed and lubricate you the entire weekend! Who knows, you may just end up being a champion when it's all over!!!

Masters or golf is the theme

A tent to pitch as well as some camping gear.

Start Location Details

Pointes West Camp Grounds

Start Location TBA

Public Event

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