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PalmettoH3 S&M Mom's Primitive Backyard Campout 2018

07/13 04:30 PM to 07/15 12:00 PM

A PalmettoH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $69


Yeast Infection, My Penis Makes Kids Cry


Join Palmetto H3 for their first campout.

Friday night- Rego opens at 4:30 pm
We will have a chili cook-off (participation sign up will follow later), the Kennel will provide everyone with hot dogs and fixings and all hashers will vote on the tastiest chili. A prize will be awarded. Friday evening festivities will continue with a Tent Crawl.

Saturday will have a Mimosa bar with breakfast.
Morning Trail
Circle #1
Afternoon Trail
circle #2
Family style dinner provided followed by a Bonfire Dance party and Hash games.

Sunday will consist of a leftovers breakfast and a hangover trail.

Beer will be provided throughout the event; however, you may choose to bring beverages of your own choice (preferably in cans).

There is a creek on the property so floating or splashing around will be available.
Unfortunately this is NOT a dog or kid friendly event. Please do not bring either.
There are several dogs that live on the property and will happily interact with humans but are not open to new dogs joining their pack.

All things camping related- tent, air mattress, bedding, hash clothing, patches to trade, vessel, chair, firewood, floaty, bathing suit (unless you prefer your birthday suit), No dogs nor kids.

Start Location Details

S&M Mom's House

1718a Longtown RD Ridgeway, SC 29130

Schedule of Events

4:30 pm- Check-in starts
6:30 pm (roughly) Chili cook-off Dinner (please bring a pot of chili to participate/share), hot dogs and toppings provided
9:00 pm Rubix Cube Tent Crawl- drink to share and dress in rubix cube colors for a fun game!

  • Saturday activities are subject to change due to weather. We may have two short trails (morning and evening) or one longer afternoon trail.

    8:30 am Breakfast and Mimosa Bar
    relaxation, drinking, hammock party, creek sitting
    10 am- Trail #1
    noon- Circle #1
    1 pm Lunch, relaxation, drinking, hammock party, creek sitting
    4 pm- Trail #2 followed by circle #2
    6:30/7 pm Dinner
    Rest of the night- festivities

8:30 am Breakfast
Pack up/Clean up
Hangover trail

Public Event

21 Hashers came:

Always Fucking Nasty

Secession Hash House Harriers


Cape Fear H3

Melon Ohhhma

Palmetto Hash House Harriers

Pump Me Up Scottie

Jacksonville H3
Scottie Doesn't Know

Same-Same Suspect

Osan Bulgogi Hash House Harriers

Wall Laid n Swallow

Palmetto Hash House Harriers

Yeast Infection

Palmetto Hash House Harriers

42 ounces to....................wait, what?


Daisy Cutter


Deep Throat Rouge


Doesn't Dive Down


Just Greg

(Secession Hash Ho...)

Kindergarten Copulation


My Penis Makes Kids Cry




Purple Peter Pegger


Pussy Eidon




Stank Ball Corner Pocket


Tranny in Training