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PalmettoH3 5th birthday-winery campout 2023

01/28 12:00 PM to 01/29 11:00 AM

A PalmettoH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $69


Trash Panda & Yeast Infection


Although this event was originally planned as our 12 Down Downs Hashmas campout we have had to make some changes and are moving to be our 5th Birthday Event. This event is dog friendly (but leashes are encouraged)

Rego opens at noon so you may set up your tent/camp. There will be a sharing table to put out snacks and foods to share and munch on for lunch.
Trail will start at 2 pm. Shiggy level is TBD.

**If you would like to attend for trail but cannot stay for the night/entire event please email mismanagement directly to make a special request (palmettoh3@gmail.com).

After trail you will be provide with a hot meal and a wine tasting.

After a night of festivities, wake up to hot breakfast.
Pack your things and head Ho Ho Home!

Price breakdown:
$50 covers your camping fee*, two cooked meals and wine tasting
$19 will go towards a "gimme" (TBA)

*If you would like to bring a camper or RV your cost is $70 for camping (full hookup with water, electric, & sewer) + $19 for trail =$89 total- you can only pay $69 through hashrego so we will ask you to bring $20 in cash to cover the RV/Camper.

The camp location includes a fire pit and inside flushing toilets.
You are welcome to arrive Friday night (at your own expense) and stay Sunday night (at your own expense).

Birthday Party

camping things, Onesie, vessel, head lamp (at least 300 lumens), extra warm layers, Food to share for lunch on Saturday, anything extra you want to drink, firewood for the campfire (tasty treats for the fire), a chair, anything else that will make you enjoy camping in January :)

Start Location Details

Cartersville Country Winery

571 Lamar Hwy, Timmonsville, SC 29161

Schedule of Events

12 pm Rego Opens
2 pm Trail
630 pm Dinner*
Menu (roughly) Burgers, Fries, Chicken Fingers, Salad
8 pm* (onward) Wine Tasting, fire, fun and games
Onesies are encouraged!
*Subject to Hash time

8 am Breakfast*
Menu (roughly) scrambled eggs, home fries, biscuits & Gravy, etc.
930 am Maybe a Hangover trail
11 am GTFO

*Subject to Hash time

Public Event

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Trash Panda

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Cape Fear H3

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Cape Fear H3

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Yeast Infection

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