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ONINH3 Dirty D Which Witch Campout! 2023

04/21 06:00 PM to 04/23 12:00 PM

A ONINH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $69*


Mark your calendar for the first anal ON IN H3 campout! 2023's theme will be the Dirty D Which Witch Weekend!

69 cap with $69 rego

Request to join the private groups!
Kennel Group - https://facebook.com/groups/oninh3/
Campout Group - https://facebook.com/groups/oninh3campout/

What’s On In H3?:
ON IN H3 is a different kind of hash in the Dayton area. We are a drinking group with a grouping problem. Our trails are usually less than a few blocks and the beer is on you for the most part.

"Unusual" traditions in this kennel include:
- No more hearing the songs you know. Down-down songs will be made up on the spot each and every time.
- Our adventures range from pub crawls to dinner and karaoke nights to someone's home.
- Events take place every other Friday.
- We also don’t care if you also like the other kind of hash or the regular kind of hash.

Shit Show Connoisseur - Unlucky Skidmark
Hashinal Pornographic - 50mm Fetish
Granny Brazier of Idiocracy - Fear and Boning In Lost Ficus
Hype Ma'am - Blowing 7-Squirty-7
William "Playwight" Shakesbeere - Swizzle Sticks Before Chicks
Other Mismanagement: Taking Asslications

The Event:
Witchy/Warlock-themed campout over the spring equinox and earth day 4/20 weekend. Wear your witchy or earthy apparel! Come join our big, little makeshift shitshow of a kennel for an awesome event this Spring!

This will be a tent camping event, so pack what is necessary. A fire will be lit at all times.

Guests can roam around INSIDE the fenced-in area in various states of undress, but we’ll be in the middle of Dayton... so outside of the fence (including trail) we’ll be in public. Plan accordingly.

- Open Bloody Mary + Mimosa bar
- Home-cooked food starting with dinner on Friday and ending with breakfast on Sunday.
- Sweet hab
- Happy thots

- PUT A SPELL ON SOMEONE! Pre-order shots for $3 each that will be delivered to the recipient when they check-in. POINT-OF-LAGER: Please list in your PayPal note or email oninh3@gmail.com with the recipients. Spells are shots and the list of flavors is as follows:
-- Love Potion (Tequila)
-- Hex (Liqueur)
-- Dragon's Breath (Fireball)
-- Strength (Whiskey)
-- Mermaid Tears (Vodka)
-- Lucky Charm (Bourbon)
-- Witch's Brew (Random)
- Guests can arrive Thursday, but food and drink are up to you. You may be put to work though.

See below.

Hogs and Hens Urban Farm
135 Boltin St. Dayton, OH 45403



Tent, Warm Clothing, Happy Thots

Start Location Details

Hogs and Hens Urban Farm

135 Boltin St. Dayton, OH 45403

Schedule of Events

4:00pm - Early arrival and setup
7:00pm - Pub crawl (on your own)

5:00pm - Check-in
7:00pm - Mix + mingle and tent setup
7:00pm - Dinner
9:00pm - Draft Punk and pajama party
11:30pm - Shooting star

8:00am - Breakfast
10:00am - Hab fair and Malort + Soju Mile
12:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm - Feats of Strength (LIVER EDITION)
3:00pm - Trail
6:30pm - Dinner
7:15pm - Circle
8:30pm - Open mic
10:00pm - Rave + glow party

8:00am - Breakfast
10:30am - Fat Boi Trail
12:00pm - GTFOH

Public Event

See the full list!

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