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OmahaH3 700th trail and 25th Analversary

06/05 11:00 AM to 06/07 01:00 PM

A OmahaH3 Trail

Cost: $30





Omaha H3 is turning 25 years old! Also, celebrating another milestone: our 700th trail!!!

When: Saturday June 5, 2021
Where: River West Park (on West Maple Road @ 233rd Street)
What: trail, beer, fun, games, and camping
Why: Why not??!!! 2 milestones at the same time deserves a party.

Cost: $30 - this includes Saturday's events: trail, keg beer all day, dinner, and swag. Trail will be around 3ish. More info to cum.....

**We have reserved 4 camp sites in the park for Saturday night (that's right SATURDAY NIGHT). If you intend to camp, the extra cost will be $25 PER TENT. If you are sharing a tent with someone(s), only ONE of you needs to pay $25. We will be providing a continental breakfast Sunday morning.

**We have also decided to go tubing on Sunday morning/afternoon. Why Sunday? Because we want to do an ACTUAL trail for our 700th and not just tubing. If you want to stay and tube with us, extra cost is $35/person. This includes tubing and lunch. The company who does the tubing thru River West is awesome. Before we tube, there is a sandbar full of games and drinking.

**Want to camp Sunday night with us after getting shit bombed while tubing? Awesome!! - extra cost is $25 per tent.

Sunday will be BYOB for drinks and food

Now comes the addition (math is hard)
Saturday day events - $30
Saturday night camping - $25 per tent
Sunday tubing - $35
Sunday night camping - $25 per tent

Stay for all or cum for Saturday only. We just want to celebrate with our hashing family.
We do require payment in advance for all

Pay via Paypal (friends and family) to nette37@hotmail.com.

Want to cum up and camp Friday night? By all means, please do. You will have to reserve your own site @ riverwestpark.com. We have reserved South Beach sites 8, 9A, 9B, and 10 for Saturday and Sunday nights.

Some things to keep in mind:
*It is a cash only park. Since it is a private park, there will be a $5 entry fee due upon arrival
*NO GLASS is allowed in the park
*Check in will be at 11am on Saturday.
*River West is NOT an SRA!! (yay!) We can party it up til 2am Saturday night!
*REGO deadline is May 8th. (this includes full payment). If you rego after May 8th, you will not be guaranteed swag or tubing.

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