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OKissMeH3 Inaugural Hash 2022

05/14 02:00 PM to 05/15 02:00 PM

A OKissMeH3 Other Event

Cost: $60

Florida is open - no masks required, vaccination up to you. If you participate, you accept the risk.

Agenda and Cost:
Pre-event O2H3 trail:
5/14/2022 2:00pm - Start with the founder of the OKissMe H3 haring for the Other Orlando Hash House Harriers (O2H3). Trail starting at Beth’s Burger Bar (Publix/Universal Liquor Store Parking Lot - free parking) 9938 Universal Blvd. #120, Orlando, FL 32819. Meet 2:00pm, Hares away 2:50pm Pack at 3:00 (this will be a regular O2H3 trail and circle). Cost is $7, pay to O2H3 Hash Cash upon arrival.* More details on trail length and shiggy rating to cum… Typically posted the Wednesday before at www.o2h3.net.

The Event: OKissMeH3 Inaugural Hash - The Most Magical Hash on Earth:
5/14/2022 6:30pm Dinner at Beth’s Burger Bar (dinner and drinks included in Rego)
5/14/2022 8:00pm Inaugural OKissMe H3 Trail/Circle starting at Beth’s Burger Bar (this will be a really short trail (1-3 miles with a shiggy rating of 2/10 - unless it is raining). Circle, beer, more beer, and some shots either along trail, at circle, or after - it will be a surprise)
5/14/2022 Explore International Drive on your own (suggestions… Icon Park, Howl-at-the-Moon, ICEBAR Orlando, the list goes on….)
5/15/2022 11:00am Meet, 11:45 Hares Away, Noon Pack Away - OKissMe H3 Hangover Hash Trail about a shiggy rating of 4.69/10 starting at ITEC Entertainment 8550 Commodity Cir, Orlando, FL 32819 (free parking). Circle, beer, more beer, and mimosas included.

On-after: Bring your bathing suit and something to throw on the grill if you like. Pool and hot tub will be open at Casa de Fire in the Hole and Short Cummings. Address to be provided at sign-in.

$60 and no guaranteed gimmie - pay at event or Use PayPal and select Friends and Family for no fees with the email address OKissMeH3@gmail.com or email us for other options.

*O2H3 trail cost is $7 and does not include OKissMe H3 event portion. If you’re only attending the O2H3 trail, pay O2H3 Hash Cash at the start of trail. If you are attending the event, O2H3 trail is included.

OKissMe H3 is a new hash in Orlando/Kissimmee Florida. The Inaugural Hash has a different agenda than is planned for future trails. This will be a hangover style hash once a month plus events and drinking practice/throw-together hashes for out-of-town visitors. Hash cash will be $1 plus bring a six-pack, bottle of wine, or bottle of liquor (may we suggest bloody mary's or mimosas) to share!!! Those that fail to bring alcohol may choose to pay $10 to partake. Watch for details for future events on HashRego and Facebook.

Location Details

Saturday: Beth's Burger Bar 9938 Universal Blvd. #120, Orlando, FL 32819

Sunday: ITEC Entertainment 8550 Commodity Cir, Orlando, FL 32819 https://goo.gl/maps/YaFhYVWhN4jZSQxy5

Sunday Start at ITEC Entertainment at 11am

8550 Commodity Cir, Orlando, FL 32819


To get this fabulous rate, you must call 407-352-8700 to make reservations. Tell them you are calling for the OKissMe H3 Block. There are a limited number of rooms in the block for $69/night. It is only held until rooms run out or 4/29/2022. Check-in is at 4pm (early check-in Saturday at 2pm) and Check-out is by 11am.

9990 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819

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