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OH3 Spring Campout 2024

05/24 04:00 PM to 05/26 11:00 AM

A OH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $100

Come join OH3 for a weekend of camping shenanigans. Food, drink, swag, and trails will be provided. Just provide a body and camping supplies. There will be bathrooms, showers, and kitchen on site.

We recommend renting a car if you're flying in for this event. Hash central camping spot is located here: 26.666004, 128.251240.

Venue set up will begin at 1600 (set up your tent before you drink) and Friday nights "trail" will begin at 1900.

Camping gear... tents, sleeping bags, darkside tent crawl shenanigans, etc.

Start Location Details


26.666066, 128.249997

Schedule of Events

Bring your A-game for best themed tent, and drinks, for the Friday night Darkside tent crawl. Event starts at 7pm (1900).

The meal before the main event. Food service will be from 10am - 12pm (1000-1200)... food TBD.

Trail start will be at 1pm (1300)... trail details coming soon.

Food service will start at 6pm (1800) Food TBD

breakfast service will start at 8:30am (0830) Food TBD

10am (1000) start. Doing our best to stay alive.

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