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OH3 Spring Campout 2019

05/24 09:16 AM to 05/26 05:45 PM

A OH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $50


Friday: Tent style darkside Saturday: King Dingaling the 3rd and Fuck Me in my Weedhole

3 days of hashing on a 4 day weekend for named hashers only. Bring everything you need to be comfortable, as we're making our own tent city- no power, no running water, bathrooms are a 5 minute walk. But we get all the privacy to un-privatize our danggle'ns and have bonfires! More S'mores!

$50 or ¥5,000 for rego pays for trail fees, beer between trails, swag, and all the sun burns you can handle. If you're a particularly thirsty fuck, bring a private stock!

Fairy- I mean ferry*- information can be found here

The first ferry TO Ie is 0930
The last ferry FROM Ie is 1600

Booking space in a boat's love pocket for your 4 wheeled pet

We already know you'll remember all of your normal hash gear- right?- but for everything else, here's a list. Don't need everything, but it's a nice way to avoid being Donnie!

Keep a lookout on this page, as details will be tweaked and added to as we get closer.

food to cook over camp fire, bug spray, all tent style camping gear, beer, liquor, sun screen, extra shoes, and anything else you need to be the pretty pretty princess you are!

Start Location Details

At the port head left along the coast. We will try to have bongo down there to pick up gear (and people if there is space). Please FB message Hoetel (Hoetel Motel Allthewayin) or SMS 090-6864-5807 for quickest responce!

26.708594 N, 127.774654E

Schedule of Events

Tent style dark side. *unning from "bar" location to "bar" location (location is up to the discretion of the "bar owner") tasting each other's sweat fluids; participants bring a cocktail to share via solo cups for their fellow hashers. At the end, we'll vote for who had the best cock...tail, and the winner gets a prize!

Standard Saturday trail. Current hares are King Dingaling and Fuck me in my Weedhole.

It's LOOONG, bring:
-Shiggy Socks
-Book bag for camera, extra sunblock, empties, & full water bottles

Pack the fuck up and get out by 1600!

Public Event

7 Hashers came:

Tarter Twat

Okinawa H3

Barely Blue


Bony Throbbins


Dumpster Barbie! Let’s Go Party! (Ah Ah Ah yeah )


Fuck me in my Weedhole


King Dingaling III


LT Dan