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O2H3 Fun-a-Muck 2024

03/22 01:00 PM to 03/24 11:00 AM

A O2H3 Hash Campout

Cost: $111


Heaving Seamen

Grab your tents, happi coats, and drinking livers. It's time to get yourself rego'd for Fun-a-Muck 2024! Cum take a break from the harsh realities of muggle life to get stoopid drunk with some amazing people at the 3rd annual Fun-a-Muck campout. There will be kegs, food, friends, games, music, and even naked fire dancing! Our camp will be private and away from the muggles allowing us to be as free as we want!

Sign up now. Campout is limited to the first 99 wanks! March 22-24, 2024.

- Delicious dinner & Beer!
- Anti Hangover Breakfast & Beer!
- Sexy Lunch & Beer!
- Intoxicating Dinner & Beer!
- Breakfast as you go & Beer!

Did we mention we are providing Beer! Beer! And more Beer!
There will be beer all weekend on Tap!

There will be limited hard stuff... Bring your own mixers
Of course you can bring your own alcohol to share or not...

Drunken Activities:
1) Friday – Shot trail, Acoustic Guitar to get us in the mood
2) Saturday – O2H3 recognized Shiggy trail, Hab Selling Circle - cum one cum all, Fun in the Muck, Team drink-off, Flippy cup Competition, shower beer photo shoot, Dance your clothes off, Midnight naked trail,,, more…
3) Sunday – Hangover trail, clean up, GTFO

Friday - TBD
Saturday - TBD
Sunday - Cum fast leave quick

There will be a gimmie! To cover the hashers that are a little more fancy, we have full bathrooms with Hot Water showers, so cum wash your balls, and boobs in the bath halls.

If you so desire boats (5 HP max) & floats can be hand launched in the lake!

TENTS ARE PREFERRED. There is limited space for RVs and only a few power drops available. Please coordinate with HS Hasher on “The Book of Faces” if you are bringing a camper and needing power. Lastly, Generators (if used) need to be away from the tents and off between 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM.
The camp area will be broken into 3 zones based on your desired nighttime activities and the required quiet times:

Zone 1 all quiet by 11:00 pm
Zone 2 all quiet by 01:00 am
Zone 3 all night long-ers

This is a hasher event, You're responsible for the comfort and actions of any Justs or Virgins you bring. Educate them well before signing them up.

This is 21 and older event.
Payments are due by 1/1/2024 at this rate.

When you venmo your payment, DO NOT select "Turn on for purchases" option. (If you do, it will take a couple dollars off. Then we will refund your payment and ask you to do it over.)

Use venmo.com or the venmo app:
Send $111 to @dmcdeed
(last 4 digits of phone 3317)
Please include your HASH NAME and FAM-2024!

Stuff to Bring:
Protection. Sex Tent, Bug spray, Sunscreen, Snacks, Drinking Vessel, Flashlight or Fleshlight, Hardy Livers , & Shots for Friday Shot-trail

Venue: Doe Lake Campground near Umatilla, FL 32784
Exact Location: https://goo.gl/maps/nwFPaaX6qt3Yn2CDA

Tent, Bug spray, Sunscreen, Flashlight, Float, kayak, Shots for Friday Shot-trail

Start Location Details

Doe Lake Campground

Doe Lake Campground

Schedule of Events

Check in
Kegs tapped
Shot trail
Naked Dancing around a Fire

Anti Hangover Breakfast
Hab Selling Circle
O2H3 Shiggy trail
Team drink-off
Flip cup Competition
Dance off

Anti Hangover Breakfast
Hangover trail
Clean up

Public Event

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3 Hashers cumming


Hairy Cheezballz


Pee Pee Pound Stalkings

Other Orlando H3

Heaving Seamen1

Other Orlando H3
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