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O2H3 Fun-a-Muck 2023

03/31 05:00 PM to 04/02 10:30 AM

A O2H3 Hash Campout

Cost: $90

Are you burnt out from work? Do you want to get away from doing the dishes Would you like to dance around a fire naked? You’re in luck! O2H3 is doing the Fun-a-Muck campout weekend again this year! (3/31 – 4/2) Act fast because we are limiting the registration to the first 75 wanks!

Get hungry after extra credit in a tent? Don’t worry we got you:
- Delicious dinner
- Anti Hangover Breakfast
- Sexy Lunch
- Intoxicating Dinner
- Breakfast as you go
And Beer!

There will be beer all weekend on Tap
There will be limited hard stuff...
Bring your own mixers
Of course you can bring your own alcohol to share or not...

Worried about overspending? Don't worry your rego covers the whole weekend!

For our hashers that are a little more fancy, or get a little too dirty in private, we have showers with Hot Water, so cum wash your balls in the bath halls. If you so desire Boats (5 HP max) & floats can be launched in the lake!

This is a hasher event, Justs or Virgins are not encouraged and are the responsibility of their sponsor (Speak to Missman)

This is only for 21 and older.

Tents are preferred and there is some space for RVs with limited number of power drops available. Please coordinate with HS Hasher & Pippy if you are bringing a camper needing power. Lastly, Generators (if used) need to be away from the tents and off between 11:00 PM – 7:00 AM.

Drunken Activities:
We have the whole campground to ourselves!
1) Friday – Shot trail, Naked Dancing around a Fire
2) Saturday – Shiggy trail, O2H3 recognized trail, Hab Selling Circle, Fun in the Muck, Team drink-off, Flip cup Competition, Dance off
3) Sunday – Hangover trail, clean up, GTFO

Friday - 70s Bush
Saturday - 80s Hair Nation
Sunday - Cum fast leave quick

There will be prizes for whoever is the most creative with each theme.

You are not registered until your rego is paid. Payments are due upon registration. Due to the short timing, no refunds. When you venmo your payment, do not select "Turn on for purchases" option. (If you do, it will take a couple dollars off. Then we will refund your payment and ask you to do it over.)

Use venmo.com or the venmo app:
Send $90 to @tipytoo (last 4 digits of phone 2288)
Please include your hash name!

Stuff to Bring:
Sex Tent
Bug spray
Flashlight or Fleshlight
Shots for Friday Shot-trail

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