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NYCH3 NYC Red Dress R*n 2020

09/11 07:12 PM to 09/13 07:12 PM

A NYCH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $69*


What A Cunt!, Geordi La Foreskin


Cum do red dress in the City that Doesn’t Sleep!

  • Friday Pub Crawl (pay as you go)

  • Saturday main event (featuring walker trail, chicken trail and a ball-busting Eagle trail, lots of beer checks and 9 million muggles)

  • Sunday bR*Nch (brunch, followed by trail and post-trail Free Beer for all the Hashers until one or the other are all gone).

It’s a can’t miss event! Crash space available in NYC!!

*all shiggy is rated on the standard NYC People Shiggy Scale

Red Dress

A dress or less!

Location Details

New York, New York

Times Square

Crash space

Public Event

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