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NYCH3 2000th R*n Hashstravaganza 2023

06/17 11:59 AM

A NYCH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $89


What A Cunt!,Drop a Pin, Slip It In

The Main Event - Saturday, 6/17/23 - A THREE HOUR POUR

-Advanced prelubing with sound system, beer wagon and all your Nauti-themed hash pals
-Turkey/Chicken/Eagle trails that digress and meet at each beer check!
-Beer checks of iconic Big Apple proportions
-A THREE HOUR POUR at a private Hashers-Only venue!
-Super duper swag items that you will like!
-Of course there will be a dank after-party
-Sunday Fat Boy BR*NCH, featuring free beer!

There is an ENTIRE WEEK of Nauti-Themed PreLube Events planned! There is a block of rooms at a hash hotel! Highlights include

-a red dress beer mile!
-An Underwear R*n!
-Burlesque Boobies!
-Karaoke night!

Q: How do I sign up!?
A: Go here and fill out this form and give me your money! It should go to miss.a.nyc@gmail.com (which is What A Cunt!'s account that is monitored by other mismanagement) https://hashnyc.com/nyc-2000th-a-three-hour-pour-pre-registration/

Q: I heard NYCH3 is really fast
A: First, that’s not a question. Second, the drunker we get the slower we are. Third, don’t worry about it! 2000 week will feature many visitors and Hashers of all abilities, and the turkey trail will be walker friendly.

Q: Hey this seems cheap for NYC…
A: It is, that's why we want to get to our cap of 149 hashers! Imagine a lady wrestling an alligator. That's What A C! and the budget.

Q: I have my birthday/cousin’s wedding/whatever that week waaahhhh
A: SKIP IT! This will be worth it.

Q: I used to be mismanagement in NYC. Will there be something special for me?
A: YES! 100% we have designed this event with the hope that many former NYCH3 (and ass’d kennels) On-herables return to us to celebrate the wonderful organization we have all built together. If you are a former NYCH3, Brooklyn H3, KnickH3, NASS/NAWW/GGFM/CUNTHHH or other NYC kennel mismanager, please note such in the appropriate place on the registration form.

Q: Which hotel?
A: I’m working on competing bids. Look for a hash hotel deal by October 15, 2022.

Q: Boats boats boats?

Nautical Hash Finery! Yacht Rock, Aloha Shirts, Sailor Suits, Bikinis, Fishing Gear…anything you might find on boats boats boats!

Location Details

Central Park

Columbus Circle, New York, NY


Public Event

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8 Hashers cumming


What A Cunt!

Knickerbocker H3

Floppy Dicks

Wandering Whore Hash House Harriers

Kink Stink & Ink

Jacksonville H3
I like sunrises, long ...

Boo Berry Tits

Flour City Hash House Harriers

Jack in the Bus


Just Charlene


Ho White & the 7 Dwarfs