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NPH-3 Anal RDR 2022

07/15 08:00 PM

A NPH-3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $40


The Vagilante and 8 hours for 1 hooter


There once was a dog from Sioux Falls,
who was sad because he no longer had balls.
But along came a hasher who fell in love with this pupster
Picked him up and carried him home from the bar.

This years RDR is bigger, better, hashier, beerier!!!

We are partnering with nonprofit Sioux Empire Pit Rescue, who will have dogs on trail with us once again.

Friday July 15th, 1900 (7pm): Prelube NPH3 Birthday Bash @ Tommy Jacks DTSF pay as you go.
Saturday July 16th, 1200 Noon: Convolo (the old Fernson) 201 N Weber Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57103 Draft Punk, Check-in, patch challenges and HAB sales. This is a bar crawl Downtown Sioux Falls. Pay as you go. Dinner and coolers will be provided in the evening with closing circle and cuddles.
Sunday July 17th, 1030: Optional Hangover Trail to Brunch Burlesque. Burlesque will feature 4 professional performers (drag queen, drag king, classical burlesque, and neo classical burlesque). In addition to their performances there will also be an auction for a public lap dance given by one of the performers, of which she has agreed to allow all proceeds to go to our charity. We have asked the performers to make sure brunch is over by 1300 (1pm) so that people can still make it back home on Sunday.

RDR $40
Brunch Burlesque $20

PayPal or Venmo accepted. Please comment with your Nerd and Hash name.
PayPal (Friends and Family): @CatherineMerritt (Northern Plains Hash House Harriers. Look for our logo of our smoking HOT governor Kristi Noem)

Venmo: @NorthernPlainsH3 (Catherine Merritt. Look for our falls flag)

Lady and the Tramp

Your red dress, money for bars and hab, beer for Draft Punk, a frozen water bottle (it's July) and sun screen.

Start Location Details

Park in the gravel lot, across the street on 8th

201 N Weber Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Public Event

See the full list!

45 Hashers came


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