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NoBalls Gender Blender 2023

10/28 12:00 PM to 10/28 06:00 PM

A NoBalls Trail

Cost: $45


PotC: TCotBPN; Semen Toast Crunch; Head Mistress; Conch Cocktale


Double, double toil and trouble…fire burn, and cauldron bubble…it’s time for the spookiest cross-kennel event of the year, No Balls H3/Seattle H3's Gender Blender! To really celebrate Halloween this year the theme is Horror. We invite you to play with your gender in this realm of endless possibilities. Teen Scream? Slasher? Comedy? Vampire? Sci-Fi? Supernatural? The choice is yours! Time to really show us what things go bump in the night. Is the night really dark and full of terrors? Gender is a construct! Gander is violence!

Trail will be A to A from South Park Hall at 1253 S Cloverdale St, Seattle, WA 98108. Rego for this event is $47.20 gets you:
-6 hours of hash beer & booze
-Secure place to keep your stuff while on trail
-Build Your Own Nacho Bar
-Hab & Patch
-Creepy Costume Party with the Nicest Kennel in North America!

Please pay $47.20 ($45+$2.20 PayPal fee) to PayPal to sh3@wh3.org or use the button after you rego (this incorporates the fee already).

Make sure you are part of the Seattle-area H3 FB group for real time updates, event is here: ! Pre Lube is a Barbie themed pub crawl in a location TBD. Hangover, of course, is the return of your favorite renegade kennel, REIGN KITTY!!!! EVERYONE IS A HARE! EVERYONE IS A GM! EVERYONE IS RA!! (location TBD)

General Disclaimer: You legally have to tell us if you are haunted


Vessel, Passport to Hell, Geese, Ghosts, Thirst for blood…I mean gender bending, new shoes, virgins (totally not to sacrifice…)

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