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No Frills 2021 2021

09/10 03:00 PM to 09/12 12:35 PM

A Hash Campout

Cost: $50

No Frills Campout 2021! Year #2 at Wet Spot's Cabin in the woods.

This is just a hasher throwing a camping weekend for all my hasher buds from across the hash universe! I miss you guys!

There will be plenty of room for tents and Hammock City will be rocking. The pool is ready to roll and this year there will be a Porta-John! (ok, that might be a frill but my septic system needs a break!

Just $50 bucks will get you:
Dinner - Friday; 3 squares - Saturday; All the leftovers - Sunday
Saturday Trail - Turkey & Eagle
A pool

Want more? Too bad! This is No Frills, so if I don't have it, it's a frill! If you want it, bring it and share!

Limiting rego's to 40 hashers
Your rego is not done till you PayPal me at mcevoykirstin@gmail.com
Be sure to include Nerd Name & Hash Name & Home Kennel

We are going to try a new thing this year - The Stone Soup Bar!
Mixers will be provided but if you bring a bottle of liquor for the bar, you will get a wrist band for access to the Stone Soup Bar.

Will we do the beer mile obstacle mile again? Probably!
Will there be music? Anyone got speakers?

If you are flying in from afar - there will be limited room in the house and a couple of extra tents, just email/message Wet Spot.

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