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NarwhalH3 4th Narwhalversary plus bonus Campout Shit-Show 2022

08/26 04:00 PM to 08/28 11:00 AM

A NarwhalH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $90


Phalice Down The Rabbits Hole and Shut the Fuck Up!

Cum join the Unicorns of the Sea for our 4th Narwhalversary and 2nd awesome hash campout combined into one Shit Show! Why??? Because Narwhals do whatever tf they want, we’re fabulous that way!

Covid-19 Note: This is a fully vaxxed & boosted event. Get poked and come cum join us! Show me your papers! We will be asking for verification and if you are not feeling well (even if you are fully vaxxed) please stay home.

-A swimmingly good time on trail with your fellow Unicorns of the sea
-Camping site secluded away from muggles and right next to trail
-Private bathroom just for our camping site
-Showers walking distance from our campsite
-Camping par-tay
-Cool swag gift
-Cornhole (Not that kind. Unless you’re into it, but keep it in your tent, unless you get consent from us to watch … I’m totally off topic… SQUIRRELS!)

-Send payment by: Friday August 19th, we will mark you off as paid. Please include your hash and muggle name.
-Send your payment via PayPal or Venmo to: maryjeanbauer@gmail.com (friends and family option to avoid fee)
-For those camping we are capping the event at 12 camping spots (multiple people can be in each camp spot with a maximum of 6 vehicles total) so make sure you pay. You will not be checked off as cumming until then.

-There are more spaces but have to make your own reservations. Deadline for all rego’s is August 19th.
$90.00 - Whole weekend camping in the Boondocks with us. Guaranteed secluded camping spot with us, trail, swag gift, food, booze.
$69.00 – Whole weekend BUT you make camping arrangements yourself in another area of the camping site. Trail, swag, food and booze. If rego fills up you can camp in a different area of the campground and you make your own arrangements. The campground website is listed under the location section of this write-up. You run the risk of not finding a spot because the campground is already filling up.
$50.00 – 1-Day rego. Saturday trail, swag gift, food & booze.

even if you book your own site, you still need to rego for the event!!!

Note that there will be meatless (vegetarian) options but if you’re vegan/gluten free/kosher or have other dietary restrictions, you’ll need to bring your own food (possibly libations). Hit us up re: pricing if this affects you.

-Trail may or may not be fully dogabble, unknown yet.
-The camp allows fur babies with a strict always on-leash policy. You are responsible for them if you leave them at camp while on trail during the summer heat. Please note that you MUST comply with the on-leash policy or you risk us all getting tossed out and banned from the grounds - don’t be that guy, no matter how friendly and well-behaved your dog is!

Camper or RV. Size limit is 24 feet. Tent, sleeping bag, dry bag, towel, toiletries, tick & mosquito protection, sun protection, poison ivy soap and creams, condoms, furry babies supplies. Decorations for your tent, your fun side, and a sense of adventure. Please leave your dignity at home, we are a welcoming bunch, but dignity is just a party pooper.

Location Details

Salt Rock Campground - private campsite: Boondocks


Salt Rock Campground – Our specific camping spot is called: Boondocks (yup, not kidding)

Make a Reservation

-If you missed your rego contact the Salt Rock Campground – Our specific camping spot is called: Boondocks (yup, not kidding)
-Or if you want to stay at one of their spots that has electricity and such hookups.

Their address is:

Schedule of Events

-4 pm Arrive at Campground
-Decorate your tent to win prizes for best decoration competition
-Cornhole games
-6:30 pm dinner
-Friday night dance party with piñata, glow sticks, booze and boobs!

-Wakey-wakey breakfast
-10:00 am Hab sale
-Noon: Lunchy lunch
-12:69 pm Circle & TRAIL!!
-5:30 pm Dinner
-Narwhalversary par-tay & evening shenanigans around a campfire

-8:00 am Wakey-wakey breakfast and Narwhal mimosas
-9:00 am Fat Boy trail
-10:00 am clean up camp
-11:00 Closing circle and GTFO

Public Event

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Phalice Down The Rabbits Hole

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Hartford Hash House Harriers


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