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MVH3 Pre-lube trail for DCH4 2000

04/14 10:00 AM

A MVH3 Trail

Cost: Free/Pay as you go


S’not, French Toasted, For Sale or Rent



MVH3 Hash# 1641: 10:00 AM – April 14, 2018
Pay Day Of!!! This is just to get a cranium count!

Cost: $6.00 US. Trail, snacks, food, and assorted beverages. Vegetarian and gluten free options.

Metro: Bethesda Metro is 1.2 miles away. From the metro map it appears there is a bus going to the school. Please check the metro web site for more information and schedule.

Dog Friendly Factor: Leashed at all times.

Stroller Friendly Factor: Walker’s trail good with a couple of minor pick-ups. Runner’s trail no.

Miscellaneous: A to B. All trails in woods after start. Runner’s is wet, some overland and nice hills. Possibility of some brambles and/or PI. Walker’s shiggy level low except for walker eagle split, otherwise all paths and bridges. Dry trail if it doesn’t rain, otherwise expect mud. Dry shoes/clothes, maybe a chair. Bag vehicle provided. Hare: 443-910-7137

“If you don’t start in the morning you can’t drink all day”. Let’s get the party started! MVH3 pre-lube trail for the DCH4 2000th trail and 40th Anniversary Party.

Dry shoes/clothes, maybe a chair.

Location Details

Rock Creek Forest Elementary School

8330 Grubb Rd, Chevy Chase MD 20815

3 PM - DCH4 2000th Trail in Bethesda, less than 2 miles away. 6 PM - 40th Anniversary Party starts at Tapp’d Brew House, Bethesda. See DCH4 website for details and/or rego here at:


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