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MrHH3 AZIH 2022

11/04 11:34 AM to 11/06 10:00 AM

A MrHH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $79

Welcome once again to the AZIH campout! This is year number seven and we are super excited about it. Our venue will be at Roosevelt lake this year. I know this is a trek for some of you but well worth the travel. 80's movies, music, tv show!!
There will be trails, beer, gimmies, food, beer, boobs, beer...Olympdics...fun...BEER, Bad decisions bar and 420 (for those who enjoy)!!!
Please make sure to select friends and family when you are filling out your rego information. Also make sure you are kind enough to include your muggle and hash name.
Opening circle will be the morning of Nov 4th
Trails will include:
Tent Crawl (80's theme cocktails) please signup w/Uncle jHolio
Midnight naked
Ridiculously difficult
Rafter Roost (420)
Beer Mile
RET (ridiculously easy trail)
Hashers not Trashers clean up

By sending your money you are agreeing to the following: You must be at least 21 years of age to participate. I understand that hashing includes running, walking, climbing over things beer, and other alcohol and I may hurt myself. I take full responsibility for my actions and participation in this event.I agree to hold harmless any and all participants, organizers and attendees.I further more intend this waiver to specifically bind my heirs and other persons seeking to exercise any rights in conjunction with my participation in the Arizona Interhash, Friday night Tent Crawl, or Hangover hash on Sunday. I understand all my risks to person and or property.

Cost: $79

80's music, movies, and tv shows

Flash Light/ shiggy socks/ vessel/ a whistle or someone to blow/ tent

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