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MRH3 Analversary XIII 2023

05/05 12:00 AM to 05/07 12:00 AM

A MRH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $55

Okay, wankers, it’s time to celebrate another Analversary, as Mutha Rucker is turning 13 years old! Mark your calendars for Friday, 5 May, through Sunday, 7 May – we’ll drag you through some of the most glorious shiggy you’ve ever been in on 4 trails, we’ll feed you till you can hardly move, we’ll have plenty of great beer, and we’ll have some goodies to commemorate what we think will be a great weekend!

The cost is what we hope is a low price of $55 ($45 for just Saturday and Sunday, and $10 for just Sunday (no Sunday rego gimmies), so hurry, we’re capping at 69 hashers; we’re closing the rego at sunrise on 29 April to make sure we can get food and gimmies lined up.

Our venue is private property, John’s Farm. There’s a covered pavilion with electrical outlets for recharging whatever you need. The venue is in the woods, but within 4 miles of civilization, if you forget something. Soooo, bring whatever you need to camp. This is fairly primitive camping, so no electrical or water hookups for RV/Campers, and parking for RV’s and campers will be limited. There will also be hot and cold water for washing your nasty bits Towel Chair Sun screen Bug spray (in May, you bet!) Flashlight or cranium light, and don’t forget batteries Your high speed vessel Patches to trade Money for Hasberdasher stuff – our trailer will be there!

Start Location Details

Venue Entry on Stephenson Road 31°10'13.54"N 85°59'6.27"W

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

Noon gates open and personal set-up
On your own till 8:00 PM
8:00 Night trail Cinco de Briano - Shiggy Level 2.69
No circle, but bonfire
For Friday, you're really on your own. Bring whatever you want to eat and drink. There are several restaurants in Samson, about five miles away. The Ginger Root has great reviews and a hasher works there and strongly recommends it.

10:00 Check in, and get your goodies
1:00 Circle up for the Analversary Main Trail - Shiggy Level 4.69
6:00 Dinner - Fried chicken, BBQ, southern sides, and dessert
8:00 Circle for Shooting Star Trail - Shiggy Level 0.69

8:00 Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar, and fat pills (donuts)
9:00 Circle Up for Recovery Trail - Shiggy Level 1.69
11:00 Closing Circle
12:00 Get the fuck out of here
1:00 Gates are locked

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