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MPLS_H3 Booze Cruise XXXpedition II

02/26 10:00 AM to 02/26 04:00 PM

A MPLS_H3 Trail

Cost: $15




On February 28th, 2021, the hasher ship MH3 2020 left harbor on an exploratory voyage into the new frontier. She and her crew were never heard from again.

Now a new ship and crew have been chartered to go forth into the unknown. What fate awaits them? Will they find the MH3 2020? Will they find booze and sustenance in this strange, icy world? On February 26th, 2022 the MH3 Boaty McBoatface (working title) sets sail!

We make our way down a frozen creek, singing and drinking along the way. Booze, snacks, music, extra clothes, stoves, and whatever else will be pulled using an assortment of kayaks and sleds.

Meet at Jidana Park 1000 hours
Disembark at 1030, sharpish
Trail and festivities at Big Willow Park approx 1230 (12205 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55305)
Back at Jidana Park approx 1600
Total miles 6 (8 with trail)

of human history you will find tales of the brave few who abandoned safety and comfort to venture forth into the unexplored. The doomed Franklin Expedition of 1845. The heroic Corps of Discovery expedition of 1806. The milestone Apollo 11 mission of 1969. The many harrowing Sunday Liquor Store Expeditions to Wisconsin of 1858-2016. All stories of courage and fortitude now immortalized in history and legend. On February 27th, 2021, we will reenact one such expedition-
Booze Cruise XXXpedition II: The search for Booze Cruise XXXpedition I.

Our journey will begin at Jidana Park in Minnetonka, the fabled headwaters of Minnehaha Creek. From there we will hike, snowshoe, sled, ski, bike, and slouch 3 miles down the Minnehaha to Big Willow park. Survival gear such as beer, snacks, blow up dolls, firewood, spiked hot chocolate, and extra layers will be hauled in kayaks and pulks (aka sleds). Pull your own boat/pulk, pack your stuff in someone else's trunk and trade off pulling duties, or let a young gun do all the work, we'll leave that all up to you.
Upon arrival at Big Willow Park, we will disembark from the waters. For those willing there will be a short (2 mile) A-A live trail. For those not willing, good news- you're already at the on-in. Salted meats will be grilled. The frozen corpse of a fallen expedition member, made from various snacks, will be consumed. This all culminates with the ritualistic "Burning of the Fleet", where everyone is encouraged to write something they didn't like about the past year on a piece of paper and put it inside a wooden model ship. We will watch and cheer as the ship, filled with its hateful cargo, is put to the flame. With the ship burned there will be no way for us to go back to 2021. Ever.
Then we say screw it and hike back up to the headwaters.

Dry Clothes and festive stuff.

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