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MoA2H3 Michigan Interhash Around the World! 2022

08/12 04:00 PM to 08/14 12:00 PM

A MoA2H3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $100


To Be Determined

We are delighted to announce that registration is open for Michigan Interhash! This year's theme will be Around the World! It seems obvious to aspire to the beaches, mountains, sights and sounds of other places while entering the 3rd(?!?!) year of a pandemic. We hope to bring you a little taste of the world out there through our very own Interhash Weekend!

Who: MoTown Ann Arbor, celebrating their 35th year of contiguous debauchery!
What: A weekend camping hash, including optional ball buster, a night r*n, a talent show, a b##r tasting, etc, etc, etc.
Where: Proud Lake Recreation Area, specifically at the RiverHawk Lodge. If you get to headquarters, you're pretty much there...
Why: We offer a taste of the possibility of real travel, which most of you haven't had in some time...aside from the sick foreign p@rn you've been watching.
When: August 12th-14th, 2022, with the kegs being tapped at 5PM :)

Get signed up! We promise to deliver an amazing Interhash experience. The setting is unworldly, the people are world class (not classy), the food is out of this world, and the b##r will flow!

VAGiant and the rest of Motown Ann Arbor Kennel

P.S. When making payment, try to use "friends and family" or whatever so you don't have to pay a convenience fee. It should be just $100.

Around the World!

Tent, sleeping bag, condoms, shoes

Start Location Details

You will need a Michigan State Park Pass, so carpool or be prepared to purchase upon arrival.

Proud Lake State Recreation Area, 3500 N. Wixom Road Commerce Township, MI 48382

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