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MoA2H3 Hot Person Summer Hash (Not MI Interhash) 2022

08/13 12:00 PM

A MoA2H3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $40*


VaGiant, Lord of The Banjos


First we were having the 2022 version of Michgan Interhash then we weren't, yeah, we suck.
But now you can join us for the Hot Person Summer Hash! It will be held August 13th, with a rigorous and complete schedule of debauchery. Highlights include, but are certainly not limited to:

1) A specially-brewed batch of EXCLUSIVE Michigan Motown B##R by one of our resident brewers that will knock your socks off...or maybe someone else's?

2) SWAG, possibly including but not limited to patches, lanyards, prizes, B##R, and MORE (swag guaranteed for the first 50 rego'd)

3) Dinner and beer at G's Pizzeria in Lake Orion, MI, which will prove to be a lively event, assuming we can manage to not get kicked out :)

4) Availability for you to have overnight accommodations with an attractive RedHead (Red Roof Inn and Suites, Lake Orion/Auburn Hills, $89.99/night, 248-391-2755), There is a discounted rate under the guise of a "Hash Runners Reunion." Feel free to buddy up for rooms. Remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving. Make arrangements.

5) A Friday night bar crawl, likely arranged by someone other than me (Probably Whip, probably Lake Orion - there's at least two or three bars and the hotel parking lot).

6) Trail with multiple BN's and all the shittyness you deserve.

7) Fatboy trail Sunday hared by someone. Possible some sort of Breakfast foods and Breakfast ales.

Who: Motown Ann Arbor and invitees, with hares that are sure to delight

What: If you don't know what a hash is by now, God Help You.

Where: The Hearth Pavilion @ Bald Mountain State Recreation Area, address is 3361 S Lapeer Rd, Orion Twp, MI 48360. Look for the signs for the "Hearth Pavilion" group area
Why: Because a hash like this only cums around once in a while. We guarantee a time to remember. Or forget.

When: August 13th, noon (1200) start with beer tasting starting at the same time (Mini-Beer Snob, bring a bottle or two of something you like).
Hares will be out at 1PM (1300). There may be opportunities to get wet after circle so maybe have a towel.
We'll head to G's for dinner and B##R at 6PM. WE WILL NOT SERVE LUNCH, although there certainly will be ample snacks on trail.

Hash Cash: Early discount is $35 by July 31st, and after that the pricing jumps to $40.

Because this requires a bit more coordination than a normal hash and space is limited, we're asking for folks to pre-register and pre-pay. Those who wish to do so before July 31st will get a discount. Remember that this pricing includes all the beer, snacks and dinner you can slam in the course of 8-10 hours. I expect that G's (how could G not love all his children?) will be sorry they "invited" us.

If you wish to attend, please email me the following: (christopher.j.michalak@gmail.com )
1) Hash Name
2) Nerd Name
3) Phone Number
4) Emergency contact and phone number
5) Your food restrictions
6) $35 through July 31st, payable to Venmo (@Christopher-Michalak-2) or get in touch for other payment arrangements (mailed check, stamps, vintage coins, body parts, favors, etc.)

We'll try to get a who's cumming list updated soon.

We're very much looking forward to hosting you and yours at our event, and please feel free to reach out with questions and/or heavy breathing.


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28 Hashers came



(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

St. Dickless

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)


(Cherry Capital)


(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Asti Spunk On Me

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Just Vinnie

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Turkey Twat



(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Slurpee 2nds

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Birthday Gurrl

(Rubber City)


(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Scottish Fingercuffs

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Spank Bank

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)


(Cherry Capital H3)


(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Whip It Out

Motown/Ann Arbor H3

Backstage Ass


Ride the Pony

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)


(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Tub Puppet

(Rubber City)

Just Irene

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Lord of the Banjos

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Little Boy

(Phnom Penh H3)

Diaper Rash

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)


(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)

Penis Pimp

(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)


(Motown/Ann Arbor H3)