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MadisonH3 TokenRun Campout 2023

06/16 10:59 AM to 06/18 12:00 PM

A MadisonH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $50*


Cum fuck around and find out with Madison H3 at the First Anal TokenRun Campout.

Want to run a lot? Great, fucking do it
Want to "sleep" in a camp chair by the fire and drool on your self all day? Swell!
Want to play disc golf or look at trees or lay down in some grass and look at clouds and shit? Perfect.

3 Days of hashes, drinking, and good times.Saturday is all about trail running and is all about distance for folks that want to really put down some trail miles, naturally there will be plenty to do for folks who aren't racist as fuck. A beautiful trail loop will start and finish at the campground and the ambitious can spend the whole day running if they want. We will keep track of laps for bragging rights and prizes!
For the non racists, the campground is literally in the middle of an 18 hole disc golf course, and there will be a fire and endless beer and even some mildly decent hashers probably.

Rego includes all the hashes, a kick ass patch, beer/alcohol for the whole weekend, Saturday night hash dinner, Saturday running food/snacks/drinks, and the right to pitch a tent somewhere nearby!

-Flush Toilets and running water for the group campsite (about 100 yards from the main camp area)
-Disc Golf Course. The campsite is literally on a discgolf course so play all day if you want, however Rego does not cover any kind of golf course registration.
-Two fire pits and charcoal grills for cooking
-Plenty of room for tents and other activities
-Fancy Beer share
-A literal fire breathing adult dragon you can ride*
-Badminton/volleyball net
-Covered shelter with 12 picnic tables and limited power outlets.

The Main Gimmick: Trying to emulate the stupid ass Barkley Marathons but shorter and more beer. Run your own run and do what you want to do.

The Rest:
-To keep things simple for me, it will be a byo food campout besides Saturdays post hash dinner. I will make sure there are grills and a fire pit for cooking at all reasonable times.
-Bring a nice camp chair and relax with friends new and old around the campfire
-As with all campouts, I guarantee perfect weather!*
Ill be updating this and maintaining contact on the FB even page which should get a link someday...

*Indicates a lie

REGO: Send your money via Venmo @Paul-Frisch-4 or email me and we can talk it out!

Camping Gear, Food for weekend (besides Saturday Night)

Start Location Details

Schedule of Events

~11PM bring a headlamp

Start Time: Early as fuck
Run all day, prove you are true racist! Count laps, crank out miles, impress some other racist losers
Ends around 5PM with a proper hash trail and food and circle

Sometime in the morning this is an A-B trail heading over to the best trucker diner within walking distance.

Public Event

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2 Hashers cumming


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Madison Hash House Harriers

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