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MadisonH3 Red Dress Run 2022

07/08 07:00 PM to 07/10 04:00 PM

A MadisonH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $50


My Lil' Porny

Wankers and Half-Minds, Harriettes and Hares, Adult Children of All Ages!

It's the Summer Event you've been vigorously pleasuring yourself in anticipation of!
Madison H3's 2022 Red Dress Run is On!

Featuring: Beer! Lakes! Hashing! Dresses! Swag! Regrets! Weeners!

$50 gets you a weekend of shitty beer and even shittier company!

Part of your Rego goes to Domestic Abuse Intervention Services. You can read more about what they do in our community here: https://abuseintervention.org/
Additional donations are encouraged!

How to Pay:
- Venmo: @Matt-Billmire
- PayPal: @Billmire

Red Dress Run

Red Dress, Bike (optional; for Friday only), Swimwear (if you wear anything to swim)

Start Location Details

The big shelter with all the hashers in it

614 E Gorham Ave, Madison, WI 53703

Schedule of Events

We're mixing it up ever so slightly this year with a Friday Night Bar Crawl BASH!

Bring, Beg, Rent, Borrow, or Steal a Bike and cum cruise with Sippy Cock up and down the Isthmus stopping at watering hole after watering hole until you're swollen and jolly like a drunken tick! A drunken tick on a bike! Wheee!

(This trail will be runnable as well - more details to follow)

Don your Reddest Dress and Sexiest Running Heels (do not wear heels, you ass) and cum on out to James Madison Park to enjoy a delightful trail down and up the Isthmus. Then cool off in our wading pool of beers and scarf down some totally safely-prepared food. The On In goes until 10, but this is Madison and the bars are open good and late...

Gather: 14:00
On Out: 14:30
On In: ~17:30
On After: 22:00

Join your fellow hashers in the cold light of day for a takin' 'er easy morning at the Stenchy-Chapped party compound and backyard wonderpark for breakfast drinks and a gentle shuffle off to a bar, possibly also on the Isthmus.

Public Event

See the full list!

9 Hashers cumming


Ball Swap

(Isthmus H3)

Paging Dr. Rotten BoneHer

Isthmus My Beer? H3

Derailleur Failure


Zucch Chute Riot

Madison Hash House Harriers

Strok'er Behind


Up Daddy's Tailpipe


Mouthful of Clam

Everyday Is Wednesday H3

My Lil' Porny

Madison Hash House Harriers