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LTH3 Rubber Commandos going commando 'BLUE MOON' trail 2020

10/31 08:00 PM

A Patch event event hosted by LTH3

Cost: $15


Rubber Commando & Snake didn't fuck me


Hear Ye - Hear Ye Luna Ticks Hash House Harriers would like to welcum you to,
Rubber Commando's Going Commando Blue Moon Immortal Hasher Patch Event.
That's a mouth full. That's what she said.
Cum earn this beautiful patch on the Blue Moon on Halloween 2020. Oct.31st. (and future Blue Moons)
After 14 years of hashing, Rubber Commando is finally going to make his hash dream of running in the buff on trail a reality. Luna Ticks H3 and R.C., have decided to make this a "Going Commando Trail" event Due to the length of time its taken R.C. to set a trail that can handle such shenanigans. Plus that's his name. R.C. did have a "buff" trail that got rained out many years ago.
This is an Immortal Hasher event because THIS patch event doesn't end on Oct 31st. This patch event might live forever, but we will run out of patches eventually. After many beers we tried to decice how many patches to give out. We came up with 300. Yea, 300 Immortals. ( I know they were on opposite sides at Thermopylae, let it go) But thats the number we stuck with. So we are giving away 100 patches on the Blue Moon October 31st 2020.
Then, we will give out 100 patches on the next Blue Moon Aug 31st 2023. And again 100 patches will be given out on May 31st 2026. And if we have any patches left over after the third try, we will give out the remaining patches on Dec 31st 2028, <--- thats new years eve. Just an FYI, the "Going Commando" section of each consecutive trail gets longer and harder. So this years will be relatively easy. Sign up early.

Trail Deets.
Hash Rego only. $15 Email on Hash Rego page.
Luna Ticks H3- Greenville SC
Halloween night October 31st 2020. Wear a loose fitting costume
Address: (will be posted Sat, Oct 24th)
Circle at 7:30pm, Hares away 8:00pm
Hares: Rubber Commando & Snake Didn't Fuck me
Trail is A-A. plenty of parking but carpool is recommended
Shiggy level: Between 3.69- 6.69. Blood has been drawn during scouting. No blood no trail.
Weather: Rain or shine. Moon shine that is. Sometimes its warm on Halloween here, other times its cold and rainy. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
Not dog friendly.
Oh yeah, the most important deet. The only way to earn this patch is to complete the "going Commando" section of this trail. This is how its going to work.
Yes, the Commando section will look like this on trail. (glow sticks) Just for you wankers.
1- exit bush, or shiggy. Enter staging area.
2- LTH3 will have two hariettes to give you a grocery bag to put your costume in.

3- Go to starting line. Put costume in bag. Or, you can use your backpack. Or you can even carry your costume. Note: you can wear your shoes, socks and necklace. That is all. Start Commando run.
4- Go straight down the shaft, fast or slow. Preferably at a medium pace.
5- End Commando run. Put costume on . Move to collection area, or wet spot if its raining.
6- Get Patch!! You will receive this patch on trail. At this moment you will be anointed an Immortal Hasher. The hares will be giving out the patches at the collection area. The patch will be on a lanyard and the hares will place them around your neck. (It will be really dark where we are doing this. We do not want you to lose it.) Congrats! You are now an Immortal Hasher.
7- Drink a celebratory PBR & continue trail.
Notes & Disclaimer – This event was planned by half-minds. It will be dark and it may rain. This event will not actually grant you immortality. It will, however, get you a super cool patch, if you complete the requirements. Anything else, such as arrest, pregnancy, STD's, jungle rot, etc. are just the cherry on top. LTH3 has taken every precaution to make sure this a fun, safe and exciting event. No photos are to be taken during the Commando section of this trail. Standard hash rules apply, no touching, no means no, nudity does not mean consent, ON-ON

cranium light, your sexy self, a costume if you want, a thirst for shitty beer, and of course poor judgment

Start Location Details

address will be given out Oct 24 th.

Greenville SC

Public Event

25 Hashers cumming:

$1000 Fine

lets do this thing...

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