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LTH3 Rubber Commando's Going Commando Blue Moon Immortal Patch trail.

08/30 07:00 PM

A LTH3 Trail

Cost: $15


Rubber Commando & Snake Didn't Fuck Me


Hear Ye Hear Ye !
Welcome to the Rubber Commando's Going Commando Blue Moon Immortal Patch Trail. That’s a mouth full... That’s what she said!

Just like a case of herpes, we're back to make you itch and scratch.
And to drink some beer and earn an awesome patch.

The Immortals last met on Halloween in 2020. Covid-ween.
Lucky for you wankers, a Blue Moon cums our way on Wed, August 30th 2023.
This is your first chance to become an Immortal Hasher since 2020. And your last chance until 2026 so don't miss it.

How It Works: This trail is like any other full moon trail. Except you'll need to run a small section of this trail in the buff. You can wear your shoes, shiggy socks, and hash necklace. At the end of the naked section you will be anointed an Immortal Hasher by the glowing True-Trail scepter and earn this awesome patch. (see kennel pic) Ta-da, you’re now an immortal hasher.

Note: you'll be given a bag to carry your clothes while on the commando section of trail.

To become an Immortal Hasher, and go down in hash-tory as a legend, rego now. There are only 69 spots available for the 2023 event.
Only 300 patches will ever be made, so get it while you can.

If you’re already an Immortal Hasher, rego is $5.00. (You won’t get a 2nd patch. you’re already a legend.) Everyone else, rego is $15.00.

Paypal - fdpfg@aol.com (use pay a friend)
Cash App - $LTH32020

This Is A WEDNESDAY night trail. You have been warned. Plan Accordingly.
Also, nudity does not mean consent. Be respectful of your fellow hashers.

The address and more deets will be cumming soon.
Any questions? Just ask.
Cant wait to see you wankers in August!
Snake Didn't Fuck Me

P.S. This event will NOT actually grant you immortality, but it will get you an awesome hash patch.

Run Naked Under the Blue Moon.

A thirst for shitty beer & Jell-O-Shots, cranium lamps, and a sense of adventure.

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7:00 pm arrive.
7:30 circle up.
8:00 hares away.

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