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LTH3 One Night Stand 2021

04/10 01:00 PM to 04/11 12:00 PM

A LTH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $35


Snake Didn't Fuck Me and Rubber Commando


If you need crash space for Friday night, we can accommodate that! Just contact MM! *
Space is very limited – 19 regos left!!! We have 16 already rego'd from our kennel, for a total of 35. Your rego is not guaranteed until paid. This will be primitive camping on private property in Marietta SC. You will have to sign an Event Liability Waiver to attend.
It is not a dog-friendly event.
The mountain goat trail is exactly that – fit for a goat.
There is no running water on the property, but we will have plenty of bottled water for drinking, a hand-washing station, and a porta-potty. No shower, so you will have to wash your stinky butt once you get home.
In addition to the two meals, we will provide snacks and beer.
If you have any dietary restrictions, please let Rug Life know ASAP so she can plan accordingly. *
Rego - $35.00 Paypal – fdpfg@aol.com (Nerd name is Phil Pringle) USE THE “PAY A FRIEND” OPTION

There will be a fun prize for the pageant winners, and gimme’s for all!
We will have Luna Ticks Hab for sale.

All of the hash traditions apply – we are hashers, not trashers. Be respectful of the owner’s property and nature in general. Nudity does not mean consent. No means no.

Tent, bedding, camp chairs, bug spray, any food/liquor you will want outside of camp meals, contribution to Shooting Star Trail

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Schedule of Events

Saturday, April 10th
1:00 – Check in and set up
2:00 – Mountain Goat Trail - Shiggy level 5.69
2:00 – Volleyball and badminton for the Never Leave Campers
6:00 – Dinner
7:00 – Mr. and Ms. One Night Stand Pageant (stay tuned for details!)
8:00 – Shooting Star Trail
Sunday, April 11th
9:00 – Continental Breakfast
11:00 – Pack up and clean up
12:00 – GTFO

Public Event

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7 Hashers came


Queefer Bi the Dozen


Rubber Commando

Upstate Hash House Harriers
Only way to ride

Jackie Davis

(Carolina Trash Ha...)

Rubber Commando


Golden Doodle

Luna Ticks Hash House Harriers


(Upstate )

Hot Tub Sex Machine

Charlotte Hash House Harriers
Let's get naked!!