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3rd Anal Colorado Lingerie Trail - CRWH3 2024

09/06 08:00 AM to 09/08 10:00 PM

A Hash Weekend

Cost: $40*


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Cum on out for the 3rd Anal Colorado Lingerie Trail, hosted by Colorado Road Whores H3

Friday morning/day - Colorado hashers to take travelers for a short hike in the mountains then back in time for Friday's prelube
Friday night - prelube trail or bar crawl (TBD)
Saturday - Lingerie Trail somewhere in Denver area, TBD
Sunday - Brunch, optional trail and bar crawl after brunch - pay as you go

Pay by Venmo: Billie Jo Pink/@CoRWH3

10$ of every 40$ Rego goes toward RAINN, all proceeds from price hikes go directly to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)

Friday - TBD, if any, Saturday - Lingerie, Sunday - TBD, if any

Lingerie, virgins, a thirst for beer

Start Location Details

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

0900 - Travelers and hosts meet up to head(WSH?!) into the mountains for a short hike
1900 - bar crawl or trail

1400 - meet at start
1425 - group photo
1430 - starting circle and hares out (if not dead lay)
2000 - probably Hamburger Marys

1100 - Brunch

Followed by 2 group options

1400 - Option 1 - Trail then meet up with Option 2
1400 - Alt go take a nap then meet up with Option 2

1600 - Option 2 - Start bar crawl and keep plan communicated with option 1 folks

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