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Larrikins CLH3's RDR 2023

03/25 02:00 PM

A Larrikins Pub Crawl

Cost: $25

Time to show off those legs and be thankful we don't live in TN! It's time for Larrikins annual Red Dress Run!! This year's circus is being brought to you by our gorgeous Quasimowedtoad and that guy she's married to Fifty Shades of VaNilla!

We will be meeting at a sweet little gazebo adjacent to Chavis Community Center at 2pm Saturday March 25th. Pin location and parking locations will be posted below, though Ubering or DD carpooling is strongly advised!

Believe it or not, for once it will not be trail number 69, but trail 988!! We are supporting Vibrant Emotional Health, the nonprofit behind the government designated 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline!

$25 hash cash will get you the first of the 2023 Larrikins' event puzzle piece patches, toe tag, the warm and fuzzies, baller company, beer, maybe a shot stop, some food or snacks, so sticking much...

This is a bar crawl so cash and ID will be required, along with jokes and virgins.

Start Location Details

Gazebo near by

Chavis Community Center

Public Event

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26 Hashers came


No Mo Butt Hos

Carolina Larrikins H3
(Sprinkles Optional)

Dude! Where's My Nut?

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers
It takes a lot of work...



50 Shades of Vanilla


Dead Woody

Carolina Larrikins H3

Quasi Mowed Toad

Sir Walters H3
Mrs. Toad's Wild Ride

Just Wilby


Just Carla


Ice ice asshole


Don’t Bring Schaefer Up

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers


Carolina Larrikins H3
Trash, Sir Walters an...


Sir Walters H3

Mine in the Brass, His in the Ass

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers
Flyn trashy style

I am 17 Fisting on 15

Seven Hills Hash House Harriers
1 fist…2 fist…red fist...

Mutt Mutt In The Butt

Seven Hills Hash House Harriers

Urethra Franklin

(SWH3 CLH3 )

And I Swallow

Carolina Larrikins H3
Chugg a lugg



Undercover Jerker

Carolina Larrikins H3

Scrummie Seconds


Tits for tats


Mushy Bushy

Carolina Larrikins H3
Get fucked, stay fucked.

Just Dave




Minor Offense