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LandCH3 2nd Anal Hermann Invasion Green Dress Run 2022

03/18 06:00 PM to 03/20 10:29 AM

A LandCH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $55

Join us for the CoMotion/Lewis & Clark 2nd Anal Hermann Green Dress Run weekend!

Details for the weekend:
6:00 pm Tin Mill is where we will start our pub crawl around town. We'll update our location as we go.
10:30 am Cum to Hermann City Park at the pavilion by campgrounds to get check in and get your swag.
11:00 am -11:30 am Lunch is served.
11:30 am - Circle up and On OUT
11:00am Hangover Trail: we invite you to take a 15-20 minute drive to a hasher-owned brewery in New Haven - Paddle Stop Brewery. Puke Halt is laying us a true hangover trail with some beautiful vistas along the river. Afterward, we'll meet up with Two Live Screw at Paddle Stop. They have delicious microbrews and serve food also.
Cost for the weekend includes food Friday night, and lunch and dinner on Saturday. We highly suggest you enjoy one of the many breakfast options around Hermann on Saturday and Sunday. Part of the mission of this run is to support the local economy. Also, this is a CHARITY run with a portion of registration and all proceeds being donated.

Quotes from last year: “Best pandemic event I attended.”

“Gosh that town is so fun, and the hashers - best around!”

“The Hermann jail was way nicer than I expected!”

Most details will be shown in our Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/2QVJAf9ld

Join our FB group to get into the event: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stcch3/

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51 Hashers came


Scrum Bum


Bitch don’t Motorboat my dog

Peoria H3
AKA Pixie Hasher

Stink Palm


Cheesy Stache


Training Dykes


Cherry Cum Lately

Larryville Hash House Harriers
Ask me about my butthole.



Beaver chaser


In Your Endo

(L&C H3)

Palm Pilot


Pussy Snatcher

(L&C H3)

Sanitary Sanchez

CoMoTION Hash House Harriers
Co-GM CoMotion H3

Kampground Cummer


Just Kendra

(Virgin )

The Clit

Northern Plains Hash House Harriers
Ooooh, The Clit ☝

Lance Palmstrong


Wet Spot


Blows Thru Bush


Eye Swallow




Scrum Bum

CoMoTION Hash House Harriers

Chap Bitch

Pearl Necklace Hash House Harriettes

Brazilian Banjo


Hardley in Her Twat

Yellow Brick Road H3

Not Well Laid


Just Bibi

(L&C H3)

Dexter’s Labiatory




Ovary Punch

(Bell-Scott H3)

Black to the Cooter


Golden Girls


Louisville Plugger





(Larryville H3)

Pink Ooooo Face


Fast Chug


Lack of Oxygen

Tumbling Dice Full Moon H3


Bella Napoli Hash House Harriers
BNH3 is my first love

Double Play Therapy


Claim to Flame



Kansas City H3

In n out Furburger

(Lewis & )

Teenage Circle Jerk

(Bella Napoli Hash...)

Wrect Him


Tainted Paint


Two Handed Hum Tucker

Nomad Hash House Harriers

TMI (Touch Myself In) General

Motown/Ann Arbor H3

Clitter Boxxx

CoMoTION Hash House Harriers

Dicktoria's Secret


The Vagilante

(Northern plains H3)

Garage a Trois

Lewis & Clark H3