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Regos for this event are not guaranteed until they are paid.


LAH3 Superhero Hash 11 - Gatecrashing the Oscars

03/11 01:00 PM

A LAH3 Trail

Cost: $35*





Every year on Academy Awards' weekend (Sat. 3/11/2023) LAH3 gate crashes the Oscar's. If you haven't attended an LAH3 Superhero Hash, You will experience running through the "Oscar's" red carpet, visit Hollywood landmarks and drink in the finest bars.

Payment options:

PayPal: jacobtemery@yahoo.com
(make sure to click the 'friends and family' option!)

Venmo @Jacob-Emery-3

Cash to any Superhero Bored Member. (Uncle Jesse, Mossodomizer, Jihad Jew, Henry Wankler, Trailhead, or Buster Hymen)

Note: Rego form still needs to be filled out in order to be officially rego-ed.

$35 from January 17th through March 5th
$40 from March 6th through the day of the event. (March 11th)

Remember, regos for this event are not guaranteed until they are paid. Same rules apply for listing yourself as 'Going' or 'Interested' on the Facebook event page.

You get a full day of drinks, food, and great giveaways!

There will be a Sidekick Hash Friday night (will likely be a no hash cash bar hopping trail) and a Hangover Hash Sunday morning. Check www.hash.beer for more details.

There will also be exclusive LAH3 Hab for sale debuting at the start of trail.


Vessels, Money, I.D., Virgins

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Public Event

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50 Hashers cumming


Pot Ho


Jihad Jew




Railroad Rectum


Whorever 21


Puta libre


Muddy Flaps


Remember the AlaMILF

Iwakuni White Snake Hash House Harriers

Worst Bottom Ever


Fluff Boy


Vladimir Puta



Ottawa Hash House Harriers

The Dork Knight


She Takes Dick


Pink Cherry Licker


Damian the AntiChrist




Smoochie Coochie


Morning Cocktail


Moose Knuckle


Damn It & Damn It




Cell Your Ass


Victoria's Secretion

Foothill Hash House Harriers

Sergeant Slumber




Micro Screwry


Just Paula


Bottle in Front of Me


Floppy Dicks


Madame Spreadsalot



Las Vegas Hash House Harriers (vlv!)

Zip Lock'd Cock

(Las Vegas Hash Ho...)

Uncle Jesse




Bob Hand Cock

(CUH3 )

Gutter wet


Powder Puffer


Just Ary



(Montreal HHH)

Dog Duty


Just Tony


Ko0 ko0 4 Cock

(Foothill Hash Hou...)

Bust Her Hymen

Long Beach H3

Henry Wankler