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LAH3 Mermaid Luau (LAH3 Campout on the Beach) 2023

08/25 03:00 PM to 08/27 11:59 AM

A LAH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $79

What: An LAH3 Campout and Hash ON THE BEACH!!!
Limited to 60 Hashers!
Cost: $Early bird is full so registration is $79!

Payment information:
Include your Hash Name/Real Name and LAH3 Campout 2023
Jihad Jew PayPal:
Make sure to use the "For Friend and Family" option, otherwise we'll have to charge you extra to cover the processing fee!

Stuff to bring:
-Mermaid Luau-themed stuff
-Your own food for most meals
-Pot luck food for Saturday night
-Grill if you want to cook
-Cash/ID for Friday night pub crawl
-Booze if you want to share non beer
-Bathing suit
-Beach chair
-Other beach stuff
-Warm stuff for the night

Parking is the challenge... anyone who's spent a lot of time on the beach knows that parking is always a challenge, and beach camping is no different. We have very limited parking there - only 9 available spots fro campers. You can drive in, drop off your gear, and we have an "overflow" street parking area about 1 mile from camp site. Camp Mismanagement and some other volunteers will be shuttling people back and forth as needed on Friday afternoon until approximately 7pm (start of pub crawl) and again Sunday Morning as people prep for departure. Maps will also be provided.

If you must park on site, please email Salt Lick (adefelice2004@yahoo.com) no later than 10 pm Aug. 13
following information:
Your Hash Name:
Your Nerd Name:
Anyone else in your vehicle (name):
Make/Model/Color of Vehicle:
License Plate Number:
Expected arrival/departure time:
Would you be willing to drive others to/from overflow parking? Yes or No?
Reason you need the spot:

Priorities for onsite parking will be given to those helping run the camp, schlepping people or supplies, carpooling, or with medical needs.
There are unfortunately no RVs allowed in the group camping area.

View or Download Parking Map:

Fo day visitors, there is a day parking area on site for $10 a day or street parking right outside the campground area for free (no overnight parking at either spot).

Mermaid Luau Campout on the Beach

-Mermaid Luau-themed stuff -Your own food for most meals -Pot luck food for Saturday night -Grill if you want to cook -Cash/ID for Friday night pub crawl -Booze if you want to share non beer -Sunscreen -Bathing suit -Towel -Beach chair -Coolers -Other beach stuff -Warm stuff for the night -Headlamp -Water -Vessel

Start Location Details

Ventura River Group Camp in Emma Wood State Beach

Ventura River Group Camp, Park Access Rd, Ventura, CA 93001

Schedule of Events

3 pm Campsite opens (We cannot let you in before 3!)
4 pm Kegs tapped
8-Drunk Pubcrawl/bar food

Breakfast on your own
10 or 11 am Trail (Depends on length, how hungover hares are)
Lunch on your own
2 pm Circle
4 pm Olympdicks
7 pm Pot luck luau (Bring food to share)
12 am Midnight “run”* (Subject to campsite rules)

Breakfast on your own
9 am? Hangover trail
Circle if we feel like it
11 am GTFO

Public Event

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