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KWH3 Annual Island Campout 2022

01/14 12:00 PM to 01/16 12:00 PM

A KWH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $90

Welcome to the mythical, magical Key West H3 island campout! Join us on MLK weekend for one of our most-beloved events, camping on Tarpon Belly Key!

We start arriving Friday at noon from the mainland where you can park a few of your cars at the end of Blimp Road on Cudjoe Key. Please try to pre-arrange carpooling from Key West or someone’s house as space is very limited. Once parked, you will be picked up by a very gracious Hasher who’s using his/her center console boat as a ferry. (So don’t bring tons of bullshit, this is a primitive camping scenario. Think more water and snacks...less phone chargers, computers, hair dryers, bulky 10 person tents, etc.) You’ll then be ferried the three miles into the Gulf of Mexico to Tarpon Belly Key, where the beer is already cold and your weekend begins. Sunday, we try to have everything cleaned up (Leave No Trace principles) and everyone back to the mainland by noon. If you'd like to stay till Monday for extra credit you can, but we won't provide meals after Sunday morning OR a ferry service back.

I’m gonna break this down real easy for you half-minds:

What there’s NOT:
hotels (you're hammock or tent camping)
Toilets - (you're poopin' in a bucket!)
RV parking
Any roads
Trash cans (you bring it, you pack it out)
A way to get to the mainland whenever you want
Single use plastics, like plastic cutlery & plastic cups (bring your reusable vessels/cutlery!!!)
Anyone that cares about your need for a hair dryer

What there IS:
Gorgeous sunsets
A set schedule for small center-console “ferries”
Two dinners
One lunch
Two breakfasts
Unlimited beer/claw plus some bloody Mary’s and mimosas
Giant fire all weekend
Sometimes mosquitos
A rocky, coral beach (bring swim shoes)
Midnight nekkid Trail (or whatever)
Swimming in crystal clear, calm, ocean water
Fishing if you want
Primitive camping on an island in the Gulf of Mexico for two nights and three days
A cool patch for your Hapi

These lists are subject to change.

PayPal - GM@Keywesthash.com

1) All jokes aside, this is always an amazing campout that people talk about for years afterwards. That being said, please be sure when rego-ing that you are able to be on an island away from the mainland for three days. Boats will not be available at your whimsy due to low tides and beer consumption. You will be given the schedule for the boats before the campout. If you have a health emergency, it will be a Coast Guard rescue and you will be responsible for all costs.
2) THIS IS NOT A DOG FRIENDLY CAMPOUT unless your dog is wearing thick rubber booties and you bring your own medical supplies. We have had dogs before, but unfortunately, the dogs ALL cut their tiny toe-beans to shreds on the sharp coral rocks that coat the island whilst running amok. Do the right thing by your best friend if they like to be hyper and run and play all over. And same for you too - bring water shoes or strappy sandals.

Also, if you have a boat and are willing to ferry supplies and people, please let me know immediately!

There is plenty of room on the island to allow for well-spaced (10ft+) tents.
There is plenty of room around the fire for 6+ ft of social distancing.
Masks will not be required as the event is entirely outside in the wind and sun. If you choose to wear a mask, that is absolutely fine.
Beer will be in cans, not kegs.
Hand sanitizer will be attached to the coolers and in the kitchen area.

tent, sleeping bag, snacks, a chair to sit in around the fire, re-usable utensils and water bottles (no single-use plastics), tarp and line if you want, bathing suit, thick soled water shoes for rocky coral everywhere, bug spray and reef safe sunscreen (or better yet, sunshirts and big floppy hats), a headlamp, TP for your bunghole or prepare your landlubber ass for sea dumps

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