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KCH3 KCH3 Campout 2020 PPE Edition 2020

06/26 12:00 PM to 06/28 12:00 PM

A KCH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $39

PayPal $39 to kch3chihuahua@gmail.com using friends and family.

Location: GPS: 38°55’24.6″N 95°24’03.1″W 1299 E 600 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66047
Bloomington West campgrounds at Clinton Lake just outside of Lawrence, Kansas is secluded from muggles, offers plenty of shade, is walking distance to the beach and is less than a mile from the boat ramp. It also features a pavilion, shower houses, a play ground, a sand volleyball pit and plenty of room for activities.

Safety: We will designate red zones for those who want to fully socially distance, yellow for some distancing, and green for limited precautions. All common areas, trails, circles, food, and drink will be spread out and appropriately sanitized. Masks will be required at some times in certain areas.

We provide: beer, spiked seltzer, fruited beers, and water with plenty of ice.
You bring anything else you want to drink and your own vessels.

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD and cooking utensils: There are a couple of community grills.

We supply sanitizer, gloves, plates, napkins, and eating utensils.

We will serve coffee and hot water with cream and sugar packets in the morning with fruit, individually wrapped muffins, and oatmeal packets.

Limited individually wrapped snacks will be put out throughout the day.

Bring extra coolers, canopies, chairs, and games.

Besides camping gear (tent, bedding), sunscreen and bug spray, bring a hat (ticks abound), water, snacks, weather appropriate clothing, swimming suit(s) and something inflatable for floating + water shoes if you want to get in the lake.

As this is a hash event so bring a vessel, hash attire, your whistle, and anything else you'd normally bring to a hash event.

Start Location Details

Bloomington West area of Clinton Lake near Lawrence, Kansas

Bloomington West - Clinton Lake 1299 E 600 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66047

Schedule of Events

12 PM - Check-in, collect SWAG, and Start Setting up
8 PM - Shot Stagger Round-Robin Trail
Campfire after dark

Coffee and light breakfast available after 8 AM.

9:30 Yoga (Bring your own mat and mimosa)

Main Trail will be pre-laid and can be run at any time

11 AM - Main group does trail

Make your lunch, play games, swim, ...

7 PM - Circle

Eat, Play, Love

After 10 PM - Naked Trail

Morning Shenanigans
12 PM - GTFO

Public Event

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