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Baby Jesus liked wine too!

KCH3 DNR Campout 2019

05/31 12:01 PM to 06/02 11:59 AM

A KCH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $69*

Paypal 69 dollars to kch3chihuahua@gmail.com friends and family.
Rego price goes up closer to the date.
Swag... it will be cool.
Beer... it will be cold.
Food... it will be there.
Snacks... we will have many.
Trails... see below.
Entertainment... see below.
Clothing... not required.
Swimming... yes.

All times except arrival and GTFO are hash time.

Campout DNR Edition

Camping Gear, it is nudist resort so clothing is optional, swim wings for the pond, I am sure I will add to this later.

Start Location Details

Schedule of Events

Friday don't show up before noon.
Bring a bag of ice and an extra cooler
World Famous Chihuahua Burritos for dinner. - 5pmish
Shot Trail - 6pmish

Breakfast - Fruit Bagels ect
Mimosa trail - 10am ish
Lunch -Walking Tacos - Noonish
Main Trail - 2pm ish
Dinner - 6pmish
Dance Party

Sit in a Circle - finish beer
Pack up.
Noon -GTFH

Public Event

6 Hashers cumming:


Kansas City H3
Baby Jesus liked wine ...

Thanks for the Mammories

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