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JRH3 Pirate Invasion Hash Cruise XII 2020

01/18 11:00 AM

A Hash Cruise event hosted by JRH3

Cost: $129*

Join us for the 12th Annual Jolly Roger Hash House Harriers (JRH3) Pirate Invasion Hash Cruise, on the Royal Caribbean Ship, Rhapsody Of The Seas, Jan 18th - Sat, Jan 25th, 2020. This is a 7 day, 4 destination hash cruise out of Tampa, FL, visiting Key West FL; George Town, Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Mexico and Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico. Register (REGO) here for 7 hash trails (3 aboard ship and 4 at destinations), gimmies and prizes.

You must be a hasher in good standing, or be hosted by a hasher in good standing to become a member of this group. The JRH3 GM, RICHARD GEERS, AKA Dabadoo, or Dab is the approving authority for this group.

Once your REGO is approved, AND PAID FOR, contact our travel agent, Kathy Yacone, with Dunedin Travel, 727-797-5730, by telephone, or at dunedintravel@yahoo.com, by email, to reserve a cabin. You must use our designated travel agent to book your cabin in order to be authorized to attend the on-board ship parties and become a member of our group. Cabins range from approximately $484 - $1296 depending upon what type of cabin you get and how many cabin mates you have.

Both the REGO fee and cabin deposits are 100% refundable, for any reason, until Sep 20th, 2019, unless was a "special" going on. For more info, contact me, Dab, at 813-943-4855.

Flashlight and/or headlamp, pirate outfit, tutu, kilt, sense of humor.

Start Location Details

Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal

815 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602

Public Event

54 Hashers cumming:

Calendar Girl

Lost Boobs Phoenix


Jolly Roger Hash House Harriers


Jolly Roger Hash House Harriers

Dude! Where's My Nut?

It takes a lot of work...

Fire in my hOle

Harrisburg-Hershey Hash House Harriers

Goo Lite Special

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers

Gung HO

Huachuca H3

Sex in Old Places

Jolly Roger Hash House Harriers

The Wookie


Unleash the Clotten

Savannah Hash House Harriers



Armed&Manger-ous (Temp Rego filled out by Dab)


Awful Twatfull




Bendover Dipstick


Blo n Go


Bolivia Newt & John


Crack Of


Cum Chuckler


CumUnAll Va J J


Dark Helmet


Dud Muffin(Temp Rego Filled Out By Dab)


Fart ConnOr


Farta Sutra


Feels Up Screams


Frigid Hole


Gator at my Penis

(Space Coast H3)

Gay Rodeo Clown

(Jolly Roger Hash ...)

GunRack(Temp Rego filled out by Dab)

(TBD )

Halley Comet's Guest (Temp REGO filled out by Dab)


Halley's Comet


Head Plant VaJJ(Temp Rego filled out by Dab)

(Jolly Roger Hash ...)

Helen Smeller


Hot Lips

(Grand Rapids H3)

How I Met My Brother


Indiana Bones and the Temple of Poon


Inflate A Date

(Old Buffalos H3)

Ivanna Hairy Buttchug


Karaoke Queen






Mother Fukken Teresa


Nauti Call Girl

(Space Coast H3)


(Jolly Roger Hash ...)

Read Between the Slime


Sister Michael


Studmuffin(Temp Rego By Dab)

(TBD )

Sweet n Blow


Tongue in Cheek


Tongue In Cheek's Gues (Temp rego, filled out by Dab)


U-Drive's Guest (Temp rego, filled out by Dab)


U-Drive... (Temp Rego filled out by Dab)

(Jolly Roger Hash ...)



Wet Muscle

(Samurai H3)