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JRH3 Hash Cruise 2019

01/27 11:00 AM to 02/03 07:00 AM

A Jolly Roger H3 Pirate Invasion Hash Cruise XIII event hosted by JRH3

Cost: $99*

11th Annual, 7 day, 5 destination Hash Cruise out of San Juan, Puero Rico to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands; Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts and St Maarten, Jan 27-Feb 3, 2019. You can pay your rego fee, that pays for your beer during hashes, on boards ship parites and gimmies, etc, on line by using your bank's bill pay system the same way many people pay their utility bills. Make your payment payable to RICHARD GEERS, 7007 ORVICTI CT, WESLEY CHAPEL, FL 33544. You can also send a check or money order in the mail to the same address above.Sorry, we DO NOT accept payment through Pay Pal, or any other system that requires us to retrieve funds from a 3rd party.

You must book your cruise with our chosen travel agent or else you will not be authorized to attend the on-board-ship parties or be considered part of our group.. Contact our travel agent, Kathy Yacone, at 727-797-5730, by telephone, or at dunedintravel@yahoo.com, by email, to reserve a cabin.

For complete details on this hash cruise including the itinerary, cabin costs, etc, go to our official website at http://www.jollyrogerh3.com/PIHC_%20XI.htm.

Start Location Details

Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Public Event

16 Hashers cumming:




If you lay it Hillbill...



Crusher (filled out by Dab)


CumUnAll Va J J


Fart ConnOr


Gay Rodeo Clown


Halley's Comet

(Bell Scott Hash H...)



Hot Lips


Kitty Litter (filled out by Dab)


Little Ditty




Sexergize Her Bunny

(Alamogordo H#)