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Jacksonville H3

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Jacksonville H3

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Stretch AssStrong (JaxH3)


Enjoying a beverage and staying warm.

JaxH3 LOLLA 2021

02/06 12:00 PM

A JaxH3 Trail

Cost: $10


Stretch AssStrong, The Nappy Headed Homo (JAXH3)


Welcome, welcome, welcome to LOLLA 2021. This is the event where we get to see who is running the shit show in 2021.

Due to COVID's punk ass, JaxH3 will be straying from the tradition of being at the Bare Assets club. I understand many will be both upset and disappointed by this decision, but this is to ensure that the kennel can practice the recommended protocols to protect everyone, as best as can be, from COVID being even more of a pain in the dick. Hopefully, the tradition can and/or will return in 2022.

30.421718, -81.630950 (The intersection of Canada Drive and Malnove Drive...Google map it.)

Hares: Stretch Ass Strong and (The) Nappy Headed Home.

Shiggy level = 3 to 4. It might even be 4.69. We are not going to know until we know.

This trail is going to be shiggy and pretty damn awful. Mostly, because it is in February, there is shiggy, the hares, and other reasons we will be accused of later. Just to be safe, bring a change of clothes or two. Also, please bring canopies and tables if you can to provide some overcranium shelter and surfaces for things. Also, bring chairs. I will try to make a deal with mom nature to see if the weather cannot be as cold. No guarantees until I can deliver on that shipment...that is a post for another time.

A few more deets to follow...I know it is dumb!

Mother Knows Best will be making pulled pork and other grilling side dishes. You are also more than welcome to bring your own if you wish to not participate in the feast. We all understand. If you wish to bring food to participate, that would be swell.

After what will hopefully be a shiggy trail and we get our eats on, the erection results for JaxH3 and JaxUrbanH3 will be announced. You will meet the new mismanagement of the two kennels and current mismanagement of JaxBeachH3. Another cool thing we do is award the "Hare of the Year Award!"

$10 will be paid day of; February 6, 2020. No Venmo and no PayPal is required. Day of is when you pay!

It is going to be a fantastical time!!!

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