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This event will cap at 100 Regos.

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Jacksonville H3

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Jacksonville H3

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Stretch AssStrong (JaxH3)


Enjoying a beverage and staying warm.

JaxH3 JaxH3 22nd Anal KGB RED DRESS RUN 2021 2021

04/17 12:30 PM

A JaxH3 Pub Crawl

Cost: $30


Stretch AssStrong (JaxH3), The Nappy Headed Homo (JAXH3), Sex Ray Tech, Sparky Solepatch, GGB

Hello you silly, silly wankers who dress in red dresses, skirts, or even suits. Here is the rego for JaxH3's 22nd Anal KGB Red Dress Run 2021. Last year was supposed to be the 22nd Anal event, but COVID made us think otherwise.

We are hard at work at planning for the event. Due to COVID being a dick, it has been decided by the planning committee to hold a one-day event on April 17th, 2021 starting at 12:30 with hares away at 1 PM standard hash time...so 1:04 PM. Whatever! We understand and accept that many will be disappointed that it will not be a weekend, but we have come to this decision to ensure that we can have some sort of remembrance red dress run to remember KGB's life and his impact on the JaxH3 kennel.

More deets available when the people planning it know more.

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